Th Best Baby Shower games

The Best Baby Shower Games

Baby showers are a super fun party for a mum-to-be to get together with her friends and family and get excited about the birth of her new baby. There are now so many different ways to throw a baby shower and absolutely no rules on what to do or who to invite; as it is your shower. Nowadays it is becoming more common to throw a co-ed baby shower as after all, the dad-to-be might want to be there too. A lot of things can happen at a baby shower; some people choose to go for a meal, others throw a party and usually there is gift giving to the new mum and most importantly a variety of fun baby related games to be played.

Baby shower games
  1. Guess the Baby Picture

This one needs to be planned from the very beginning as you will need to ask guests in the invitations to bring a picture of them when they were a baby. When guests arrive get them to place their picture (face down) in a box where you will collect all the pictures. Put all the pictures on a wall and number them; now guests can write down who they think is who. This is a really fun game and also a great opportunity to get all the baby pictures out and reminisce.

  1. Don’t Say ‘Baby’

This is a fun little game to play right from the moment your guests walk in. Give each person a pin or sticker and once everyone has arrived inform them that they can’t use the word ‘baby’, which is going to be pretty difficult at a baby shower. When guests here someone use the word, they can take their pin and the one with the most at the end wins.

  1. Guess the Baby Food

Baby food is pretty inconspicuous, it is intriguing to us all. What better place to have people try baby food than at a baby shower? Line up some jars of baby food, without their labels, and get guests to have a taste of each; guessing the flavour as they go. Make sure you’ve made note of which is which, so you don’t forget!

  1. Guess the Birthday

This is a pretty common game to play at a baby shower but still a fun one and one you’ll likely remember well. At some point during the shower get your guests to guess the date and time of your baby’s birth. If you don’t know the gender, they can guess this too. Make sure you keep all the guesses and inform the winner!

  1. Guess the Measurements

Surprise, surprise! Another guessing game. This one involves taking bump measurements which is something a mum-to-be will probably be used to at this point. Guests can take it in turns to examine the bump and guess the circumference. At the end, the mum-to-be can be measured and those with the closest measurements win! This is one to get the new mum’s thoughts on if you’re a friend planning a shower as she might not enjoy being measured and examined by her friends.

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