toilet training essentials at Kiddies Kingdom
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Time for toilet training?

If you are ready to approach toilet training with your toddler, we have all the kit you could need, right here at Kiddies Kingdom! Take a look at some of our essentials…

Summer Infant Step-by-Step Training System
toilet training essentials at Kiddies Kingdom
Looking like a real toilet, this potty has a lid, wipes dispenser and also a toilet roll holder, ensuring that your little one get uses to both using the potty by also cleaning afterwards.

By using a potty that resembles a toilet, the transition to using the family toilet will be a lot easier thanks to the removable adapter seat that can be placed on the family toilet when the time comes.

This Summer Infant Training System really does have it all!

Available here for £28.95

Tippitoes Boy’s Toilet Trainer
 toilet training essentials at Kiddies Kingdom
Boys can be hard to toilet train, and all boys want to copy Dad when it comes to using the toilet, so this Tippitoes toilet trainer for boys is perfect!

Hooking onto the side of most common toilets, without causing any damage or needing specialist fittings, the toilet trainer comes completed with a hinged arm, making it even easier to empty! By simply lifting the main body of the toilet trainer up, the liquid can be emptied into the toilet bowl and flushed away. Without needed to use a footstall, this would be the best solution for getting little boys used to using the toilet like a big boy!

Available here for £13.99

Tippitoes Simple Potty
 toilet training essentials at Kiddies Kingdom
Available in both pink and blue for the girls and boys in your house, this simple potty does exactly what it should!

If you are looking for a simple toilet training aid that will not confuse or over complicate the process, this is right for you.

With a sturdy back support to promote correct posture when sitting, this potty is perfect!

A great addition for Nanny and Granddad’s house whilst toilet training we think!

Available here for £5.49


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