Valentine’s Day Activities

Although most children do not understand the concept of Valentine’s Day, it provided the perfect opportunity for you to clear the table, get out some craft items or ingredients and spend some time together making some lovely bits.

Here are a few of our favourite Valentine’s Day activities at Kiddies Kingdom HQ!

Celery Flowers

This is such a cute thing to do with your little ones but can be a little messy so best to prepare the area well first! Get some card and with either green paint or pens, draw some flower stems and leaves, but not the actually flowers themselves. Then secure around 10 celery sticks together into a bunch with an elastics band, dip the end into some red paint and use the celery to create a stamp on top of the green flower stalks you have already drawn. The result is beautiful.

 L O V E

This is an adorable bit of art that you will be able to keep for a long time, proudly presented in a nice frame. This would also work well as a gift for Grandparent etc.

On some white card, using your colour choice of paint, write the letter ‘L’ and ‘E’ leaving plenty of space in the middle. Now using your little ones hand, dip into paint and press to create the ‘O.’ Finally, one at a time, dip the feet and press onto the card into a shape representing a ‘V’ – a lovely LOVE sign.

 DIY heart

Cut out lots of strips of different coloured tissue paper and cut out a big heart shape out of some paper or card. Using some glue, help your little one to stick all of the different coloured tissue paper onto the heart. Once dry, punch a hole in the top and thread with some ribbon and hang from ceiling – this looks really effective when a few hearts have been created in different colous and when hanging at different lengths.

We have plenty more Valentine’s Day craft ideas over on our Pinterest board, come and check it out!



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