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Global Children’s Day Celebrations


There are many countries celebrating Children’s Day in April, we take a moment to look at the special ways in which countries honour and celebrate the lives of their children.
4th April  – Hong Kong and the Republic of China
Both countries have celebrated Children’s Day on the 4th April since 1931.  In the past Hong Kong has marked Children’s Day with the release of special themed postage stamps including Andersen’s Fairy Tales.  More recently in China the holiday has been celebrated in conjunction with Women’s Day, with the now public holiday allowing for all to take part in the various activities and events that are organised to honour their children.

5th April – Palestine
Children’s Day celebrations take the form of street parades in Palestine, with fun activities such as face painting as well as street entertainment for the children to enjoy.

12th April – Bolivia and Haiti
In Bolivia, Dia del Nino which translates to Children’s Day is celebrated throughout schools, with murals created to remind children of their rights and how they are protected, following the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Children which was drafted between UNICEF and OAS.  Gifts are exchanged and food is an important part of the celebrations, with the President and Government Departments also joining in to mark this special day.  A children’s Parliament is also held to address the needs of the country’s children.

Haiti celebrations include singing and dancing and cultural performances to mark Children’s Day, the festivities are also focussed on children’s welfare with vaccinations and nutritional advice provided by some hospitals.

23rd April – Turkey
Both Children’s Day and National Sovereignty Day are jointly celebrated in Turkey, with the 23rd April chosen as it was this date in 1920 that the Grand National Assembly first gathered.  As well as a national holiday and various festivals being held, children take the parliamentary seats for the day and even broadcast on television. Ceremonial wreaths are also laid in remembrance of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who founded the Republic of Turkey.

30th April –Mexico
Mexican festivities to celebrate children’s day begin before and continue after the 30th April, with a range of events provided by various organisations, companies and the church taking place in many locations including local parks.  Children are given presents and sweets to celebrate their day, with fiestas held in their honour. Children’s welfare is also a focus with volunteers carrying out mission work during this time.  The singing of a traditional song whilst stirring a chocolate drink at breakfast is also part of the cultural celebrations in Mexico.

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