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5 Tips for Hosting A Halloween Party On A Budget

It’s that time of year, the days are getting colder, the nights are getting darker and your children won’t stop talking about Christmas. But, before you start to tackle that jolly holiday, you have another, equally exciting and sugar-related event to deal with – Halloween! Now, perhaps an evening of trick or treating is all you can manage, or, if you are real glutton for punishment you may be considering throwing a Halloween party for your little monsters. If that is the case then trying to keep the festivities as wallet-friendly as possible is a good way to help keep your blood-pressure down.

Here are our top 5 tips on how to host a Halloween party on a budget:

1. Keep It Simple

We’ve all been there. A quick scroll on Pinterest throws up hundreds of wonderful party ideas, all of which look super easy to replicate, but you soon find yourself knee deep in papermache, £100 out of pocket and wishing you hadn’t even started. Don’t be a hero! Yes, homemade party decorations and complex games are always going to seem appealing but children don’t care – they just want to have fun and eat sweets! Opt for simple decorations. Depending on time and budget, a quick trip down to your local supermarket with provide you with all you need. Or, if you want to try your hand at homemade, then simple cut outs of pumpkins and witches’ hats, and few carved pumpkins will look fab.

2. Fancy Dress Competition

For an easy game that requires little preparation, include a fancy dress competition in your party. Ask your guests to dress to impress in their most imaginative Halloween costume, with the winner announced at the end of the party. Prizes need not be extravagant, some Halloween chocolates or perhaps you could make your own spooky rosettes to award the winners.

3. Make Your Own Invitations

There is nothing quite like the personal touch, and hand-making your own invitations is a great way to save money and add a bit of personalisation to the occasion to. There are lot of invitation ideas online, but one of our faves is this pumpkin invitation, which is easy to make and doesn’t require lot of art and craft bits.

4. Spooky Games

Games are an essential part of any successful party, and Halloween parties give you have a ready-made theme to help add a bit of a twist to your games. There is nothing wrong with keeping the games simple and traditional, like ‘Pass the Parcel’, but with a spooky element. Fill each wrapping with homemade confetti – with a hole puncher, punch out small circles of orange and black coloured tissue paper – and make your own spidery wrapping paper using wine corks and brown paper. For Musical Statues, create a ghoulish playlist for everyone to dance to, including Monster Mash and Ghostbusters. And don’t forget Apple Bobbing – a simple game that is synonymous with Halloween, all you need is a bucket of water, apples and some willing participants.

If in doubt, make sure you look at our pick of the top Halloween films for kids.

5. Party Bags

Nowadays it seems like party bags are a cottage industry, with each party host trying to outdo one another on the extravagance of their party bags. Don’t fall into this trap, party bags are an added bonus of the event, not the main part of it, and should cause little stress or dent to your bank balance. To try and keep the costs down, why not create your own party bags, like these ones, and for the goodies inside, scour your local pound store which are full to the brim of perfect party-bag pressies.

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