Field of daffodils in March
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Activities for children in March

March is a wonderful month, bringing with it the first real glimpse of spring.  Daffodils pop up and the sun seems to be with us for longer and longer, which also means that it is certainly time to get out and about with the kids!  we round up some of the activities you can plan with your little ones and a few events that are happening nationally and worldwide.

This month sees the ICC Cricket World Cup really take off, and with such a high profile event in the news on a daily basis, why not use this to your advantage and get outside with the children! Play a game of non-stop cricket perhaps, or just practice throwing and catching with a ball. It  is a fun way to exercise and will mean that you have some fun time out in the garden, enjoying these first few days on spring.

World Book Day
The 5th March is the day that children and grown ups alike love! World Book Day is a celebration of reading, as well celebrating authors, illustrations and books themselves. Most schools actively encourage children to dress up as their favourite characters or books. World Book Day is a great way to encourage reading at home, as well as getting your children to try and create their own short story! Perfect actively for a rainy day – we still get a few of those in March!

Red Nose Day
Held this year on the 15th March, Red Nose Day is famous worldwide for the help and money they have raised for less than fortunate areas of the world, as well as the UK. Encouraging people to do something funny for money, Red Nose Day is an event which children love to get involved in and feel like they are doing their bit.

March is the perfect time to start sprucing up the garden and get things in shape ready for the summer. The ideal time to start planting seeds is now and kids love getting their hands dirty! Encourage children to have a sense of achievement by getting them some seeds, a few planter pot sand some soil – help them understand that by looking after something, it will blossom.


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