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Children’s Days in September

It’s back to school time in the UK and a lot of kids and their parents need some cheering up, with some deciding to go for extra trips together at the weekend and others staying at home but taking part in family activities. All over the world, families aim to spend quality time together, although in some places this is easier than others. This is one of the reasons that all countries were encouraged to allocate one day per years as a Children’s Day, a day on which children are celebrated by their families and by society in general. Below we look at some of the world’s Children’s Day celebrations in September.

Costa Rica – September 9th

Like all children’s days, the Costa Rica celebration aims to raise awareness of the rights of children and young people. On the day, schools hold special parties and activities and places such as museums, restaurants and hotels arrange child friendly events for families to attend.

Honduras – September 10th

Referred to as Dia de los Niños, Children’s Day in Honduras is a day of parties in schools and at home. Relatives give kids special gifts and businesses arrange special offers and events to celebrate, often with traditional Piñatas!

Germany – September 20th

As in most other countries, the German Children’s Day involves parties and gift giving. Unusually, however, different areas of the country celebrate on different days. Although officially on September 20th, much of East Germany still celebrates the day on June the 1st, as they did prior to reunification 1990.


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