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Spring Time Activities

There’s budding blossom on the trees, birds-a-tweeting, and that heavy winter coat has been swapped out for a light jacket- it’s official, spring time is here! At Kiddies Kingdom, we know parents are eager to make the most of this delightful season with their little ones, so we’ve made a list of fantastic spring time activities for kids to give you some inspiration. 

a child playing in a field of dandelions

Spring Scavenger Hunt 

One of the best outdoor spring activities for kids, a scavenger hunt is always a hit. And there are a number of fun scavenger hunts you can do with a spring theme. Here are just a few. 

  • Flower Spotting: Try to find as many different types of flowers as you can and remember to take a picture of the flowers you can’t identify to look them up afterwards. Or instead, try a rainbow flower scavenger hunt and see how long it takes to spot a flower for every colour of the rainbow. 
  • Animal Spotting: Head out on a country walk, or just a stroll around your local park, and keep a tally of all the springtime creatures you spot, from birds to squirrels to butterflies.  
  • Easter Egg Hunt: Of course, we can’t forget the greatest spring scavenger hunt of all – the Easter egg hunt. If your little darlings love hunting for eggs, Kiddies Kingdom has plenty of other fabulous Easter activities for them to enjoy as well.  

Farmyard Fun 

One of the best things about spring is all the adorable baby animals. Your munchkins will love the cute lambs, calves and piglets at your nearest farm park or petting zoo. They might even get to hold a chick in their own little hands- resulting in the sweetest insta pic ever! 

a child holding a chick

Budding Gardeners 

Spring is the season of planting and growing, so why not plant some seeds with your youngster. You can use egg boxes as a planter, or even use eggs themselves! Plant cress seeds in an eggshell with a funny face painted onto it, and watch it turn into a man with crazy hair! 

Feed The Ducks 

Head to your local canal, river or lake to spot the fluffy ducklings. Your little angel will be so excited to see the cute creatures bobbing on the water, and they’ll love feeding them too. And luckily for you, the RSPB have some great guidance on what sorts of food ducks can eat.  

a duckling swimming on the water

Teddy Bear’s Picnic 

Let your child pick two or three cuddly toys to partake in one of the most magical outdoor spring activities for kids – a teddy bear’s picnic. Pack a hamper with classic picnic favourites like strawberries, jam sandwiches and cupcakes and head to your nearest park or woodland – or even just enjoy the picnic in your garden.  

Beach Day 

Take a day trip to the beach this spring and make some incredible memories. Your little tyke will love sandcastle building, paddling in the sea, searching for seashells, and going crabbing in the rock pools. 

children playing at the beach

Beautiful Butterflies 

Spring is the time of year when caterpillars make the incredible transformation into stunning butterflies. Your child will be astonished to watch this transformation happen in real time with a butterfly growing kit. This activity is wonderfully educational and lasts all season long.  

Flower Art 

Spring flowers are the perfect inspiration for your little Monet. Let your sweetie explore their artistic side by painting or drawing the spring flowers they see, or maybe you and your little one could press wildflowers to make a gorgeous natural collage.

flowers pressed onto a white page

Visit a Country House and Gardens  

Springtime is perfect for visiting stately homes, as the weather is nice enough to explore the gorgeous gardens too. Your little one will love imagining the fancy aristocrats that used to swan around the grounds, and they’ll learn lots of interesting facts too! 

Ride a Bike 

Learning to ride a bike is one of the best spring activities for kids, as the weather is pleasant but not so hot that they won’t become too tired and grumpy. Who knows – you might have a future Olympic cyclist on your hands? Looking for a first bike? We recommend getting started with a balance bike

a child riding a bike, supported by his mother

DIY Bird Feeder 

If you’re looking for spring craft ideas, why not make your own bird feeder from just a plastic bottle and some string. Your kids will have so much fun making the bird feeder with you, and they’ll be so happy when they see the little birds come to eat the seeds inside.

Chalk It Up 

Watch your little artist get creative with some pastel chalks on your patio and driveway. Chalk drawings are also great for playing games – hopscotch, anyone? 

A child drawing a rainbow in chalk

Wonderful Woodlands 

There’s nowhere more enchanting than the woods at springtime. Take your youngsters for a walk in the woods to see the beautiful bluebells and snowdrops whilst listening to the lovely birdsong. Maybe you could even build a den from twigs and branches you find.  

So, there you go, 13 brilliant spring activities for kids to keep your little monkeys entertained this season. We hope you and your whole brood have bucketloads of springtime fun.  

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