The Best Educational Toys for Your Toddler
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The Best Educational Toys for Your Toddler

From learning colours to understanding numbers, trying to teach your little monsters anything can be tiring and, let’s face it, nowhere near as fun as playing Hide and Seek. However, introducing educational toys into their playroom is a great way to not only have fun with your kids, but also, hopefully, teach them a few things too.

Take a look at some of our favourite educational toys for toddlers:

3D Feel and Find

This award winning game literally is a huge bag of tricks! You simply deal out the tiles and your child reaches into the bag to try and find the corresponding wooden shapes. Pieces can be used as 20 mini whole-object puzzles.

Animal Cottage

The Animal Cottage helps your child develop their hand and eye coordination as well as their logical association skills. Complete with rooms, doors and animals, your child can spend hours finding the correct key for the right lock, or inserting the right animal through the right slot. The bright colours help your little one engage and develop their colour learning too. Oh, and finally, the animal shapes can also be used as art stencils too!

 Fraction Action Board

Fractions are hard, and, embarrassingly, many of us adults still find them difficult to get our heads around – shouldn’t admit that really! So, encouraging your little one to understand them early on is a great idea, and this genius fraction board will certainly help.  Children can explore sorting, sequencing and fraction skills, as well as develop their fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination with shape-recognition and colour-matching activities.  The board comes with an activity booklet to help you and your little one get the most out of the game.

One To Four Sorter

This 16 piece game helps build counting and sorting skills early on by encouraging your child to match shapes to their coordinating pegs.

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