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Christmas Craft Ideas for Kids

Tis the season of paper, glitter and glue! This is the best time to put DIY Christmas crafts skills to the test with little ones. And it’s a fantastic way of killing two festive birds with one stone! Not only does it keep children occupied for longer than five minutes, but the crafts created can double up as Christmas presents too. Though, it’s not always easy to come up with ideas. So, fear not! Kiddies Kingdom are on hand to help, and we’ve done hard part for you!  

Santa and reindeer lolly stick crafts being held by a child

Here are our top Christmas crafts for kids to get you started on your artsy adventure: 

1. Easy Christmas Crafts 

If you’re looking for simple Christmas crafts to make with your cherub, you’ve come to the right place!  

Dig into your cupboard for easy peasy DIY Christmas crafts in the form of a festive pasta wreath! 


  • Farfalle pasta 
  • White card  
  • Green paint 
  • Paintbrush 
  • Green glitter 
  • Red ribbon 
  • Glue 


Begin by painting all the farfalle pasta with green paint and let your little one go crazy and sprinkle green glitter all over them – super fun! Once the pasta has dried, glue them into a circle on a piece of white card, then tie a bow with a red ribbon and glue it onto the bottom of the wreath. Making this Christmassy pasta wreath is as easy as that!  

These snowflakes are a super cute DIY project for your cherub, and they also double up as fab sparkly décor for around the house. 


  • Ten lolly sticks 
  • Superglue  
  • Tinsel pom poms 
  • Acrylic paint  
  • Twine 


This one’s super quick and simple! First, you’ll need to glue 5 lolly sticks together to create a pentagon shape. Then, glue another 5 sticks in the corners, making them meet in the centre of the snowflake.  

Once the glue has dried, paint the snowflake in a bright pop of colour – let your little one pick their favourite colour! Add pom poms with superglue and a loop of twine on the back and before you know it, you’ll have pretty little snowflakes to admire! 

2. Christmas Paper Crafts 

Paper plate Santa mask surrounded by Christmas decor

Ho, ho, ho! Santa’s coming to town but he’s looking very different this year with a cotton wool beard.  


  • White paper (A4) 
  • Red paper (A4) 
  • Black pen 
  • Pink felt tip 
  • Cotton wool balls 
  • Glue 
  • Scissors 


Start by cutting out Santa’s head and beard on a white piece of paper and then cut a hat out of red paper. Draw on his eyes and button nose with a black pen, and use the pink felt tip for his rosy cheeks. All that’s left to do is jot down 1 to 25 on his white beard. But here’s where the fun part comes in – each day your babe can glue a cotton ball onto his beard until you reach Christmas day, and his beard is complete!  

Why not have a real-life snowman running around the house with a paper plate snowman mask? That’ll be sure to get the festive spirit going! Paper plate Christmas crafts go down a treat with little ones too.  


  • Paper plate 
  • All-purpose glue 
  • Lolly stick 
  • Red felt tip 
  • Red felt sheet 
  • Black construction paper 
  • Three multicoloured pom poms 
  • Scissors 
  • Craft knife 


First, cut out the middle of the paper plate and then cut out the base of your snowman hat using the black construction paper. 

Cut a strip from the red felt sheet that’s approximately an inch wide. And make sure it’s one inch longer than the length of the top of your snowman hat, so the edges can wrap around the back. 

Grab the glue and stick the felt around your hat and stick three pom-poms in a cluster on the top corner of the felt strip. Once everything has dried, glue the hat onto the top of the paper plate. Then, colour in the lolly stick with a red felt tip and stick it onto the bottom, and voila – you have a handle!  

3. Christmas Card Crafts 

Child making a reindeer Christmas card

For a different spin on Christmas cards this year, why don’t you and your little one get creative and make them from scratch instead? Trust us – everyone will love these adorable creations! 

Handmade Christmas cards are the best – especially when they feature Santa himself!  


  • White card 
  • Peach paint (for Santa’s face) 
  • Red and white felt 
  • Two googly eyes 
  • Small red pom poms 
  • Cotton balls 
  • Glue 
  • Scissors  


Fold the card in two and get your cutie to trace their hand on one side. Then, cut out the shape, making sure to keep the two hands connected by the wrist section of the paper. 

Paint the middle of the handprint in peach paint, stick on two googly eyes as well as a small red pom pom for the nose. And let’s not forget the most important part – Santa’s hat! To make this, draw a hat on a piece of red felt, tracing around the top of the palm and thumb of the cut-out for the shape and size of the hat. Then, add a cotton ball to the end of the hat and a piece of white felt for the brim of the hat.  

For Santa’s beard, stretch out 4 cotton balls and glue to each finger. Now, all that’s left to do is open the card up and write a lovely Christmas message to loved ones! 

It’s not all about Santa at Christmas – don’t forget the Christmas tree! Why not get crafty with your little one and make Christmas tree cards for friends and family? It’s perfect for the mantelpiece!  


  • Card blank 
  • Two and a half green lolly sticks 
  • Small green buttons 
  • Two yellow or brown buttons 
  • Glue 

First, grab your lolly sticks and glue them together to make the shape of a Christmas tree. Wait for the glue to dry on the tree and then stick it to the card blank.  

Get your green buttons and glue them along the lolly sticks. Don’t worry if the pattern looks random, just let your cherub have fun with it!  

Whichever coloured buttons you choose, whether yellow or brown, stick them on the card at the bottom of the tree. There you go – just like that, you’ll have created the trunk of the Christmas tree!  

4. Christmas Crafts for Toddlers 

Girl toddler with reindeer antlers on making Christmas crafts

If you’re after Christmas crafts for toddlers aged 2-3, we have plenty of ideas for teeny tots.  

Handprint art is not only a great keepsake for mummy and daddy but it’s also super cute as artwork to display.  


  • Chocolate brown paint 
  • White card 
  • Googly eyes 
  • Sparkly red pom pom 
  • Red tinsel 
  • Gold glitter 
  • Glue 

Paint your little one’s hands with the chocolate brown paint or let them do it themselves (prepare for mess). Then, get them to press them onto white card. Once the handprint has dried, glue on the googly eyes, sparkly pom pom nose and red tinsel collar. And don’t hold back on the glitz – sparkle away with the gold glitter for the reindeer’s hooves and antlers. There you have it, a reindeer handprint as simple as that!  

Head out into your winter wonderland garden to gather supplies for this super easy Christmas crafts for toddlers.  


  • Pinecones 
  • Glue stick 
  • Ribbon 
  • Glitter 
  • Bowl 
  • Foam paintbrush 


Grab your small foam brush and dip the tip into the glue stick. Push the tip of the brush onto each tip of the pinecone (dip brush into glue as and when needed). Let your cutie do this until each tip is covered with enough glue to catch and hold the glitter in place. 

Here’s the fun part – place the glued pinecone in a bowl to catch any excess glitter. And then sprinkle glitter all over the glued parts, making sure to tilt it in every direction until all of the glue is coated in glitter. Then, pick up the pinecone and tip it upside-down over the bowl to shake off any excess glitter. Pop the pinecone aside and leave it overnight for the glue to fully dry.  

The next day, cut a length of ribbon to use as your hanger. Wrap it around the top part of the tips of your pinecone and leave enough length on either end to tie a cute little bow. This will allow you to hang it on your Christmas tree for your little one to be reminded of their fab festive art project! 

Hopefully, we’ve given you enough ideas for Christmas crafts for kids, to keep your little miracles entertained during the festive period. Not only can you sit back and admire their creations, but friends and family will love receiving them as gifts too. So, what are you waiting for?! Call the kids down, get some hot chocolate on the go and get into the festive spirit with some DIY Christmas crafts!  

And remember to send us a picture of your creations on our Facebook page –we would love to see them! 

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