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January Babies

For those of us that are born in the first calendar month of the year, you are not alone. Lots of well-known people are also born in January, here are a few of our favourites as well as a few facts about babies born during this cold month.

Famous Birthdays

Kate Middleton – 9th January 1982
Kate, or as she is more formally known Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, stole the nations hearts on her wedding day when she wore that Alexander McQueen gown and married Prince William.

James May – 16th January 1963
James May, or as he is more affectionately known by the cast of Top Gear and probably the entire population of the UK, Captain Slow.  Before he became famous on the cult BBC show, May went to university and got a degree and then went to work as an editor at Autocar magazine

Gary Barlow – 20th January 1971
Gary is perhaps most famous for being the front man of mega boy slash man bad, Take That.  Gary Barlow also had a successful stint as head judge on the X Factor before Simon Cowell decided to make a comeback to these shores.

Emma Bunton – 21st January 1976
Everyone’s favourite Spice Girl, Emma is also still referred to as ‘Baby Spice!’ As well as a singer, Emma Buton has turned her talented hand to acting but now is mostly found behind a big microphone in the Heart studios, playing us songs on the weekend.

Phil Collins – 30th January 1951
Phil is a multi-award winning singer, songwriter and musician who started out as the drummer before making it up stage to be the lead singer and front man of rock band Genesis. A successful musician on his own also, Collins began drumming at the age of five, and it seems, never looked back.

January facts:

According to statistics and studies, babies born in the winter months are considerably bigger than their summer counterparts! This research has shown that when the children are compared again at 7 years old, the winter child is bigger in every department compared to the summer born.

Winter babies are however more likely to be premature, and studies have found that this could be due to the flu season being in full swing – hence why there is such a push for expecting mothers to consider having the injection

But good news – winter babies are considered to be better behaved than those children born in the summer months! A recent study has shown that concentration levels right through to consideration for others which much higher in children aged four to five that had winter birthdays. That’s nice to hear!


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