Young child getting into a good sleep routine

5 Helpful Tips for Establishing A Good Sleep Routine

Sleep, that dreaded word! Since becoming a parent you have no doubt talked about sleep (or poo for that matter) more times in the last month than you have ever before!

It’s one of the rites of passage for any fledgling parent, and one that we spend hundreds of hours and pounds trying to solve. However, before you start loading up the excel spreadsheet or throwing money at various wonderful gadgets, start small.

Establishing a good bedtime routine can help your little one drift off to sleep more easily, and it’s never too early to introduce one.

Everyone is different, and you will naturally find the perfect time for your child, but you can start as young as 6 weeks old. Not only does it offer a chance for your child to unwind and prepare for sleep, but it is also beneficial to you as a parent, as it gives a sense of structure to an otherwise insane day!

Choose a regular bedtime

Anywhere between 6.30 and 8.30 is ideal. Any later and your little one might become over-tired, which, ironically, means they find it much harder to fall asleep – yep, babies work in mysterious ways!!

Bath Time

An essential part of the routine. Not only does it give you a chance to give your mucky monster a good wash, but the warm water will help relax your child and signify bedtime is just around the corner. If you’ve got a newborn, consider our collection of baby bath sets and tubs.

Baby Massage

Massaging your baby is a great way to get them relaxed and ready for bed. It also gives you a chance to spend some quiet, bonding time with your little one. If you are unsure how to massage your baby, there are a lot of online guides that give you step by step instructions or you may want to attend a local baby massage class. Try the massage straight after the bath, in a warm bedroom, with dimmed lights.

Bedtime Song

Time to warm up your vocal chords and practice your best Whitney…only joking! If you don’t fancy actually singing you may want to create a bedtime playlist of classical songs or lullabies, or perhaps just choose one specific song to play during wind down time.

Or if you are feeling a bit brave, try singing softly to your baby, perhaps as you give them their bedtime feed. Not only will this soothe your little one, but the music will serve to signify that it is time for sleep, and help your child prepare for bedtime.

Cot mobiles with music are also a great way to help lull your baby into a deep sleep. Activate them as you place your little one in their cot, and they can slowly drift off listening to the calming melody.

Say Goodnight

Take your child around the home to say goodbye to other family members, and perhaps pets and cuddly toys as well. Your child will love this ritual. But keep the goodbyes quiet and calm to stop your child getting too over-excited and ruining all the hard work of the bedtime routine.


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