Brilliant Bathtimes with Fisher Price

There are heaps of great tips out there for parents bathing their little wriggly monkeys! Some babies are born lovers of the bath, whilst others have a slightly troublesome time adjusting to bathtime. Whatever you’re baby’s habits, likes and grumps, Fisher Price is on hand to provide superb bathtime and toilet aids to help every baby and toddler relax in the bathroom!

There’s no set time to bathe kids, especially babies, but before you send your little one off for naptime in one of our super baby cots is perhaps most common.

Bathtime Furniture
Making bathtime fun, safe and happy for babies is priority no.1. We love the Fisher Price Aquarium Bath Centre tub for super safe, bright, bubbly baby bathing time! Great for newborns to toddlers, the tub is designed to provide exceptionally safe support. The sling design can be adjusted to suit the needs of teeny tiny newborns needing complete support, through to toddlers who are happy sitting up in the bath but could do with a little reassurance. There’s even a baby thermometer so you know when the bath water is perfect!

Potties and Toilet Aids
The bathroom isn’t just about bathtime, it’s about potty training too. Helping toddlers to use their potty is all about positive reinforcement and developing good habits. We love the Fisher Price potty range because it’s cute, practical and a big hit with our own little monkeys!

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