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Childproof Checklist

Making sure your child is safe from danger in your home is vital. While you endeavour to supervise your children at all times at home accidents can still happen. Follow our simple checklist to ensure you have all areas covered making your home as safe as can be for your little one.


  • Install safety gates at both the top and bottom of all stairs in your home.
  • Fix safety catches to any cupboards, cabinets or draws which contain hazardous objects, chemicals or medicines, to prevent children from opening them.
  • Ensure blind cords are fastened to the wall with appropriate cord fixings.
  • Use door stops or finger pinch preventers to stop little fingers getting trapped in doors.
  • Apply guards on sharp edges and corners to help protect your child from bumps and bruises.
  • Use protective appliance covers to lock stove knobs, oven doors, microwaves, fridges and freezers.
  • Install window latches to prevent little ones opening windows.


  • Use a cordless telephone. Children can easily become tangled in telephone cords.
  • Ensure sleeping areas, such as cots, cribs and beds are away from windows and wires. Always ensure bedroom furniture meets up to date safety standards.
  • Use a thermometer in children’s bedrooms and in the bath to ensure correct temperatures are achieved.
  • If you have pets ensure they are continually supervised around your little one.
  • Use fireguards even when the fire is not in use.
  • Install an anti scald device on taps to help prevent burns.
  • Make sure sheds and garages are locked and all tools are out of reach of your exploring little one.
  • Make sure garden gates are locked to prevent your little one wondering off and out of sight.


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