Sleepy, Sleepy, Happy Monkey

Sleepy, Sleepy, Happy Monkey

Surviving without sleep may be something parents have to learn to handle, but babies need their beauty sleep to grow and develop their lovely little minds. Are you looking for baby bedding sets and nursery furniture for your new baby? Here are some top tips from our own expert parenting teams and past customers.

•    Plan before you buy. It can be all too easy to frantically click away in the vein of “oh we might need that and that and that and that and one of those and another of those!” etc, but what new babies need is actually pretty simple. They need comfort and safety, and the best products we offer provide those things as baby grows. Make a list pre-shop.
•    Cribs are the safest way for newborns to sleep. We carry crib ranges that fit with various other nursery furniture designs, that way you can have a lovely matching nursery layout.
•    Themes are a brilliant way to make sure your nursery has plenty of storage, all the right furniture and accessories from a tailored baby furniture brand. Use our Themes area to get ideas and see which designs and decor themes best suit your new nursery.
•    Storage is very important – maybe not to your newborn, but to you! Great nursery decor can last years, from newborn to tweeny tantrums!
•    Sleeping aids like mobiles, nightlights and snugly things can help baby sleep, so invest in a few tried and tested products.

Image Credit: http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sleeping_baby_with_arm_extended.jpg

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