Why it’s worth buying a travel cot

As it’s national bed month it seems only right to discuss one of the most convenient beds there is; Travel cotsTravel cots make a great investment for travelling with children, as many hotels, guest houses and family homes don’t necessarily come equipped for young children. Travel cots don’t only come in handy when travelling, they can also be used in the home and can have dual functionality.  

There are typically two main kinds of travel cot; the first is more like a traditional cot and the second is the pop-up kind. Traditional travel cots usually consist of a fabric cot on a sturdy frame; they collapse for transportation. Pop up cots tend to be lighter and easier to carry around; they are easy to assemble and spring into shape when opened. When deciding which is best for you, it is worth considering what its main purpose is. If you are going to be using it primarily for holidays, then a pop-up cot may work best as it is easier to transport and lighter to carry or take on flights. Travel cots are often used as semi-permanent fixture at a relative’s house or as a daytime napping essential; in this case the traditional travel cot would be best as it offers many additional fixtures and features.  

We’ve thought up some of the reasons why a travel cot is a worthy investment. 


It may come as no surprise that babies sleep better in familiar environments, just like the rest of us. You’ll know the feeling of staying in a hotel or guest bed you are unfamiliar with and waking up feeling tired and unrested; the same goes for babies staying in new cots. One major benefit of a travel cot is that your child will become familiar with it, avoiding any restless nights in a new place. When you first purchase a new travel cot it is a good idea to let your child sleep in it for daytime naps, this way they quickly get used to the new cot and will be more likely to sleep well in the future.  


The main purpose of a travel cot is for it to be easily transported and compact. Travel cots can be easily folded down into a carry case and are worth the extra luggage. They can be taken on family trips, holidays and even days out. Some cots come with UV protection and make a great beach accessory. 


Most travel cots have dual function and can be used as a playpen also, this means they make a great accessory not just for travelling but also for in your home. You can also find travel cots which double as changing tables when flipped meaning you don’t have to carry multiple big pieces of equipment with you on holiday. 

Features to look out for 

Some features to look out for when choosing the right travel cot for you; 

  • Ease of use; make sure the cot is easily assembled and suitable for you home and car. 
  • Bassinet attachment; if you have a new-born you’ll benefit massively from this as it means it can last longer. 
  • Washable covers; it is inevitable that the cot will need washing from time to time, if the cover is easily cleaned and even detachable this is great. 
  • Mesh window; a travel cot should have at least one mesh window so that you can always see the baby . 


All new cots sold in the UK must meet strict regulations; British safety standards BS EN 716. It is best to buy a new cot as it cannot be guaranteed that second hand cots meet these regulations.  

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