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The Kitchen Essentials You Need to Buy Before Weaning Your Baby

Watching your baby take their first little taste of solids is a wonderful moment, you see their face light up with delight as they experience a completely new taste. But for every moment of joy, there is an equal moment of mess…oh, so much mess! So, whether you decide to do purees, baby-led weaning or a bit of both, it pays to be prepared. Let the adventure begin!

High Chairs

First and foremost, you need to find a suitable chair to support your little one as they start their adventure into the wonderful world of food! There are a few things you may want to look for in your high chair, including; easy to clean seat covers (believe us, you’ll need it), padded seats to keep your baby upright and protected and perhaps even a high chair that converts into a low chair and table for when your baby becomes a toddler. Our fabulous Jane Activa Evo Highchair covers all these bases. The award-winning chair comes with removable washable padded seat upholstery, 3 position adjustable double feeding tray as well as cleverly transforming from a highchair to a reclining standalone chair or junior play table and chair for your growing child.


There are different levels of bibs you can buy, from the small neckerchief ones to the huge almost coat-like bibs, choose whichever one works for you and your baby. The Koo-di B.Box is a great travel bib as it comes in a travel pouch and can hang on your pram or bag when you’re out and about. Just a word of advice, buy lots and lots of bibs, you will find yourself washing them every day so it pays to have a number to choose from. Or if the idea of more washing sends chills down your spine, you can buy plastic bibs that are wipe clean.

Plates & Cutlery

Whilst it’s too early for your baby to be using cutlery or plates, it’s good to have them around as it will help your child to begin to get used to them. You may want to offer your child a spoon early on, perhaps with a yoghurt or porridge, and see what they do with it. It will probably end up on the floor or thrown at you, but getting them used to using cutlery is no bad thing. The Oxo training plate and fork and spoon set are great starter items for when you feel your baby might be ready. The ClevaMama ClevaFeed is fantastic if you want your child to try certain small foods, like blueberries, but are worried about the choking hazard. You simply pop the food into the silicone teat, snap shut and present the feeder to your baby, only small pieces will pass through the holes.

Freezer Storage

If you want to bulk prepare your baby’s food, then investing in some freezer friendly storage pots is a great idea. Like the ClevaMama ClevaPortions, allowing you to freeze homemade meals in perfect portion sizes. These can then be popped in a bag and taken out with you, or can go straight in the microwave to be cooked and eaten then and there.

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