How Long Can a Baby Stay in a Cybex Car Seat?


It can be tricky to understand how long to keep your precious passenger in a car seat, particularly for new parents trying to work out the different car seat groups and terminology. In this guide, we help you understand how long your baby can stay in a car seat, Cybex examples that outline the correct age for the car seat and some standout features. 

We have also included a handy car seat regulations guide to clarify the rules on when to trade in your newborn car seat for a bigger, safer one as your child grows. 

Car seat regulations

Here is a simple guide to car seat regulations when it comes to choosing a car seat for the size of your child. 

Regulation 44

Regulation 44 car seats are categorised by groups based on a child’s weight. This will tell you how long your little one can safely and comfortably stay in different types of car seats, including Cybex car seats. Car seat groups are as follows: 

  • Group 0, 0+ – Infant carriers for babies from birth to 13kg (0+) or 10kg (0) (approx. 15 months or 6-9 months)
  • Group 1 – For children from 9kg to 18kg (around 9 months to 4 years)
  • Group 2 – Booster seats for children from 15kg upwards (from approx. 4 years)
  • Group 3 – Booster cushions for children 22kg (approx. 6 years up) and upwards and more than 125cm tall 

So, when buying a car seat, the category group will help you to determine how long your baby, toddler or child can stay in it and when it’s time to invest in a bigger model. 

Regulation 129

R129 car seat regulations have been around since 2013; it was developed to make travel safer for babies and children. R129 car seats undergo enhanced testing and have improved safety features, such as extra head and neck protection. R129 car seats are also designed to provide better protection from side impacts and keep children rearward facing for longer. 

Current car seat law states that using either R44 or R129-approved seats is still legal. You decide which car seat is best for your little one. The main difference when it comes to choosing the right size of car seat for your little one and making sure they stay in that car seat for the correct length of time before upgrading, R129 car seats determine this by using the child’s height, not their weight. 

Cybex Cloud Z2 i-Size car seat

One of the most popular Cybex car seats is the Cybex Cloud Z2 i-Size because it has all the functions you’d expect from a newborn car seat, plus even more! Suitable from birth to around 15-24 months, it has a useful 180-degree rotation mechanism that allows the seat to face sideways for effortless ins and outs without straining your back. The Cybex Cloud is designed for safe and comfortable travelling, with Linear Side Impact Protection (LSP) technology, a height-adjustable headrest, and a removable newborn inlay. 

This brilliant car seat is compatible with Cybex strollers and offers a lie-flat recline, meaning your baby is safer and comfier if you keep them in the car seat when you’re out and about. It’s also one less worry to have on your mind as babies that are sat up in a car seat should only stay in there for 2 hours, so the lie-flat recline is great for allowing your little angel to sleep in their car seat beyond that time if they’re out of the car.  

So, to summarise, this popular Cybex car seat is suitable from birth to around 15-24 months; it has a newborn insert and adjustable headrest to keep your little one comfortable. Plus, it has the added bonus of the rotating mechanism and the lie-flat recline feature when in a Cybex stroller frame, so you don’t need to worry about your baby taking a long nap in it.

Cybex Solution Z i-Fix car seat

Moving on to another popular Cybex car seat is the Cybex Solution Z i-Fix. This brilliantly engineered car seat is packed with useful functions and is suitable from around 3-4 years old until 12 years old, so as soon as your baby grows into a not-so-little baby anymore at 15kg, it’s the only car seat you will need for them. 

This seat has built-in ISOFIX points, so there’s no need to use a base, and it includes a patented recline headrest so you can avoid the dreaded forward hanging head when your child falls asleep in the car. It keeps them comfier and safer too, so it’s a win-win.  

So, to summarise, the Cybex Solution, it’s suitable for children from around 3 years to 12 years old. It’s great for a snoozing passenger because of the innovative reclining headrest and built-in ISOFIX points, so there’s no need for a base. What’s not to love about this car seat? 

We hope this guide has cleared things up on how long a baby can stay in a Cybex car seat. Always follow the car seat regulations, whether you choose an R44 car seat or an R129 car seat, to keep your most valuable cargo safe and sound on every journey. Now that you’re more confident in choosing the right seat for your child, browse the collection of Cybex car seats, known for their superior safety features, intuitive features and beautiful design.

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