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Why it might be worth taking a first aid course

Many people think about taking a first aid course but put it off for numerous reasons. You may be too busy or don’t know where to go; there are numerous course providers and locations across the UK which make it even more convenient for you to attend one. Some people may think they already have enough knowledge or that accidents don’t happen to them; but, ask any person who has attended a first aid course whether it was worth it, and they’ll be sure to say it was. Knowing some first aid is important for most people, but it can be especially important once you have children. There are a variety of first aid courses, some specific to infant first aid. No matter how hard we try to prevent accidents, children are bound to get into a few bumps over the years and knowing how to properly care for them when this happens is essential.

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It’s more than saving lives

Obviously, knowing first can save lives and this is so important, but it can do a lot more than that. Knowing the correct first aid could be the difference which prevents a disability occurring as a result of injury, or an escalation in an allergy attack. Its also having the knowledge to know what a situation needs; is it as simple as a bandage or does an ambulance need to be called? Things like this may seem simple, but if you don’t have the knowledge, you’re less likely to be able to judge a situation accordingly.

You can help keep patients comfortable

Sometimes it isn’t all about the actual first aid, it can be about making sure the patient feels safe and comfortable; something which you will be more capable of once you have the knowledge of first aid. Your confidence and nature will be reflected onto your patient, therefore the calmer you are the better. Knowing how to correctly deal with a wound can be the difference between the patient being in pain and not; something you would learn on your first aid course.

It can prevent escalation

When a situation occurs, whether that be an asthma or allergy attack, a fall or a sickness bug; knowing how to immediately deal with the situation can be essential. Often the immediate moments after an accident or illness are the most important; knowing what to do in these moments is something you will learn on a first aid course and are key in preventing escalation.

It encourages healthy and safe living

By attending a first aid course, you not only learn how to react in an emergency situation, but you also learn how to prevent them from happening. Being aware of how these accidents occur and knowing how to deal with them will help you understand how to live a healthier and safer life in the long run, and you will be a lot more aware of everything going on around you.


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