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Planning the Perfect Christmas Day with a Newborn

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Your little one’s first year is filled with tons of milestones, and Christmas is no exception! Their first Christmas will be a magical experience for the whole family, to cherish for years to come. This first year will be less about gifts and more about the new memories and traditions that will be created. Get ready to post cute, Christmas cards to introduce your angel and making that all-important trip, to visit Santa and his elves. There will be lots of heightened emotions when it comes to planning the perfect day with a newborn. However, we’re here to help you survive Christmas number one, with less festive stress and more baby bliss!

  • Make a Plan

Every parent has discussed the dreaded question of where you’ll be spending Christmas. Whether it’s at your family house or theirs. Dividing the festivities has never been easy. Adding a newborn to the mix complicates things even more. So, be sure to make the choice several weeks in advance. Then, you can let your families know in advance and prevent hurting anyone’s feelings.

  • Don’t Go Overboard with Gifts

At this tender age, your tot won’t know or care about presents. They’ll probably be far more interested in playing with the wrapping paper. Or, if your munchkin is still only a couple months old, they’ll be snoozing away most of the day.

Your child will undoubtedly receive lots of gifts from family and friends. So, instead of going OTT on heaps of expensive toys and clothes, opt for practicality. With all the growth spurts that will be occurring, your baby will need new clothes every couple of months. So, take this opportunity to gift them with a bunch of clothes for the coming year, or think practical and go for that new pushchair you’ve seen. That way, you’ll get some wonderful gifts for your tot without breaking the bank.

  • Make it Extra Special

To keep an ongoing tradition for years to come, purchasing or making a special stocking for your angel is a great idea. Take time to look for a distinctive design that will stand out year after year, ready for Santa’s visit. If you aren’t convinced about creating a stocking yourself, add your own special touch by sewing your darling’s name on it.

  • Make it a Stress-free Zone

Don’t get caught up in trying to make your baby’s first Christmas absolutely perfect. The festivities are one of the most wonderful times of the year. However, it also comes with a lot of stress. Shopping for presents, pushing through other stressed shoppers, and trying to keep the family happy can really take away the true joy of the day. With a newborn, you’ve got enough on your plate! So, make the decision to take it easy. This year why not buy loved ones vouchers online, instead of battling through crowds for the perfect gift. Make this one all about you and your new bundle of joy.

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  • Pick a Location that Works for You

Don’t feel obliged to travel this Christmas. Some travel far every year to be with family for the festivities. However, when you’ve got a new addition, being on the road can become very tiring. So, let your loved ones know that Christmas is at yours this year and they can come to you. However, that’s only if it isn’t going to cause you more stress! Make sure it’s just your nearest and dearest. Being selective during the current pandemic is a necessity!

  • Consider Feeding Time

Whichever way you plan to feed your tot, it can take some getting used to. Breastfeeding can feel uncomfortable and tricky in the first few weeks. So, consider whether you’d be more relaxed, feeding in a quiet room away from all the loud banter.

  • Christmas 2021

If everything goes to plan, Christmas should look different to last year. With the festive fun set to go ahead, you’ll be able to do so with all the family involved. However, we recommend also having a backup planned in advance, so that your cherub doesn’t miss out on the spirit of Christmas! If last-minute changes means the festivities are cancelled, to still be able to share the holiday with loved ones, plan a virtual Christmas feast as your second go-to. Have the little one’s wear Santa hats and play with Christmas toys over Zoom. The grown-ups can sip on some mulled wine and exchange sweet, fond memories.

This is your baby’s first Christmas. Forget worrying over how to survive the holidays! You’ve already got the greatest present you could have ever wished for – your little angel! Snuggle up to them, watch lots of Christmas films and drink some hot cocoa by the fire. We hope with our advice, you’ll be more than happy, and so will your sweetheart.

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