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Don’t fear the flight!

Flying off on holiday this summer with a baby?
We have a few tips to help make this more of a dream than a nightmare! After all, we all need a holiday and change of scenery, including little ones!

Stay Calm!
If you are taking a baby with you on holiday, you will find that your baby will cope with the travelling better than any toddlers you are also travelling with. And the bonus for a baby, no need for a huge amount of toys are needed to keep her entertained! Be sure to pack some calpol and a dummy for take-off and landing to combat any sickness or earache.

Keep your hands free
If you are taking a lightweight pushchair, be aware that you will not get this back till you reach baggage reclaim at the other end of your flight, so how about taking a baby sling or carrier, which will leave your hands free for comforting, holding documents or just enjoying a snack! Better still, you could always take both with you.

Don’t worry about neighbours
Flying can be a stressful thing to do with children of any age. But let’s face facts, if your baby does have a little cry or stink out the cabin, chances are you aren’t going to see your fellow travellers again, and if so it’ll be at the resort, so don’t worry about what other people think. Better still, keep smiley about the whole thing! After all, a calm and non-stressed parent will reflect on the baby!

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