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Night Lights to help beat the Bedtime Blues!

Now that we are back into the swing of normal day to day life after the festive period, it might be harder to get your little one to settle gain. If you have older children, you might even find that they are struggling to come to terms with a regular bedtime again.

As we all know, children need a lot of sleep to help with their ever growing bodies and minds – however, the whole bedtime routine can wind some children up, therefore making it even harder to get them to sleep. An ambient lighting arrangement might help.

So here are our favourite night lights to help the bedtime drama become a thing of the past!

Safety 1st Automatic Night Light
Safety 1st Night Light from Kiddies Kingdom
This fab night light can be used for a multitude of purposes; as an ambient light in your child’s bedroom, casting a cool glow over the room, as a guiding light in the hallway, just bright enough for someone to create a patch to the bathroom for instance or as a light in a child’s play area to help them unwind.

With a build in sensor, this light automatically switches on once the room gets dark and turns itself off at dusk. Using very little energy, this night light can be left plugged in safe in the knowledge that it isn’t going to be costing you a small fortune!

The Safety 1st Automatic Night Light is £6.95

Aloka Multi Coloured Children’s Night Light – Rocket
Aloka Night Light from Kiddies Kingdom
This friendly night light is sure to send your little one straight to the land of nod! This night light is a little different from the norm, and doesn’t work in the way normal night lights work. The Sleepy Light itself sits proudly on a shelf, chest of drawers of bedside unit where the clear acrylic panel looks like a piece of modern art!

Come night time, the lamp is transformed into a soothing and reassuring light that changes colour and also dims according to the needs of the user. With a rainbow option that means the colours will gently change, or a solid colour option, the Aloka Multi Coloured Children’s Night Light is sure to please even the fussiest of children!

And with a design to suit every child, and room, you are sure to find one that it just right!

Other designs include: Butterfly, Owl, Heart and Fairy.
The Aloka Multi Coloured Children’s Night Light is £29.99

Summer Infant Slumber Buddies – Frankie Frog
Summer Infant Night Light from Kiddies Kingdom
Adorable, friendly and loveable Frankie the Frog is coming to the rescue! Save any bedtime drama with this night time friend!

With a cute night time sky screen including stars and the moon projected around the room in a choice of three different colours, Frankie the Frog also comes complete with a singing voice! With number of different lullabies and organic sounds to choose from, your little one will be soothed to sleep both by audio and projections!

Also available, Bella Butterfly, Bumble the Bee and Ellie the Elephant.
The Summer Infant Slumber Buddies is £19.99


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