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Activities for June


With summer in full swing and the long school holidays just around the corner, we highlight some of our favourite activities for June.

Women’s World Cup
Following on from the Men’s World Cup last summer, FIFA bring to us the women’s version. Encourage your children to appreciate that women can also play sports by watching televised World Cup games, running a win list and playing football in the garden as much as possible. Enjoy the beautiful game hands on!

Pretty Butterflies
The 6th June sees us celebrate Butterfly Education and Awareness Day – looking at the importance of butterfly gardening, what it can achieve and how to look after creatures, their habitats and how they live. Make a butterfly home or just make a list of all the butterflies that you have seen. Encourage children to colour in pictures of butterflies that can be stuck onto external doors to brighten up the house for summer.

Father’s Day
This year Father’s Day is on the 21st June – a day to show Dad just how much you love him! Encourage children to make breakfast in bed, draw pictures and make cards, or just spend the day playing games in the garden.

Tennis fever
Wimbledon starts at the end of the month, and with it comes two weeks of tennis fever! Encourage your children to play tennis in the garden or park – not only is it a great away to get them some fresh air, playing tennis is great for encouraging hand-eye coordination and upper body strength. And if it rains, be sure to watch coverage on TV as a family, cheering on your favourite player!

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