The Ultimate Buying Guide to Nursing Chairs

Choosing baby-care products can be a confusing task. Further, as the average parent spends £7,200 on a child during the first year of their life, it is also an expensive one! At Kiddies Kingdom, we believe that if you choose products wisely, costs can be managed. This means investing not only in a quality product that will not let you down but also in items that last for longer and offer a brilliant return on investment. 

Nursing chairs are an important accessory to select as they provide comfort and support during periods of feeding a baby. With chairs being essential for offering care and facilitating bonding experiences for parents and children, making the right selection is important. 

In this buying guide, we will include a full rundown of what factors you should consider when choosing a nursery chair along with some examples of products we think you will enjoy.

What Is A Nursing Chair?

Before we jump into the buying guide, we wanted to share a quick overview of what a nursing chair is and the benefits. By understanding exactly what purpose this piece of furniture offers, the buying process is made clearer. 

Nursing chairs are seats used for both breastfeeding and bottle-feeding babies. They provide a comfortable and sturdy place to spend time with a little one whilst also providing soothing effects thanks to swivel plus rocking motions. This helps a child to feel relaxed and offers parents a time-saving hack to make parenthood easier as feeding can take place more efficiently. Nursing chairs look like plush armchairs, but feature added functionality to ensure feeds can take place with complete comfort guaranteed. 

Nursing chairs are also not just a nice-to-have but what we consider an essential accessory. They not only facilitate safe feeding, but ensure that a parent is able to rest their back and arms as otherwise strain can occur. Most models also go one step further to improve posture as they are supplied with matching footstools. Some of the other benefits of using a nursing chair are as follows:

  • Nursing chairs look like standard furniture meaning they can be positioned in any room without changing the overall ambience. 
  • They encourage bonding as they allow a relaxed environment to be achieved which is cosy. This is essential for both emotional development of children. 
  • Nursing chairs also encourage mothers to sit in the correct position, which not only alleviates any aches and pains but also can enhance milk flow. 
  • Many models also include built-in storage options ideal for keeping essential items close by. 

The Different Types Of Nursing Chairs

If you want to create the perfect nursery for your little one, selecting the right nursing chair is important. One of the factors you should consider are the different designs available. 

Rocking nursing chairs feature curved wooden legs which allow a gentle back and forth motion to be achieved. They allow momentum to be maintained once a manual rocking motion has been applied which is perfect for sending a little off into a lovely sleep. A great example of this is the Tutti Bambini Noah Rocking Chair.

Another type of nursing chair is a swivel and glider design. These seats offer a side-to-side motion which are ideal for comforting a little one plus allowing a parent to reach items that are nearby without having to stand-up. The Obaby Savannah Swivel Glider Chair is a brilliant example of this type of seating.

You can also select reclining glider chairs like the Obaby Reclining Glider Chair And Stool. These seats allow the user to glide backwards in a smooth motion which means the seat can be configured to any orientation.

Each seating offers lots of benefits so it’s a good idea to narrow down the style you would like before looking at other buying factors.

What Features Should You Look For When Choosing A Nursing Chair?

Now that you understand why a nursing chair is one of the best baby nursery ideas to invest in and the types available, it’s important to consider functionality. There are a few features we believe every nursery chair should tick off the list as being elements that enhance the overall experience. When you shop our collection, you can do so with complete peace of mind as we have only stock nursing chairs that are well-rounded solutions.


It goes without saying that a nursing chair must be comfortable. Aspects that contribute to this include a large seating area, soft fabrics, durable materials, the option to adjust seating positions and ideally the inclusion of a footstool. 

By ensuring comfort, both parent and baby can experience a relaxing feeding experience that is not ruined by cramps or interrupted milk flows. To enhance comfort even further, we recommend looking for additional aspects such as natural materials and securely stitched designs.


We have already outlined the types of chairs, which also lends itself to this point, as you should ensure the seat includes different desired features. Alongside the various movement options that nursing chairs are known for, another feature to consider is ensuring the seat can be converted into a static chair. This means the seat is not only versatile whilst the child is young, but it can be used as a piece of nursery furniture for years to come.


Nursing chairs must also be easy to clean as keeping the space hygienic is essential. You should look for fabrics that can be wiped clean plus well maintained along with ones that are durable. They should also boast robust legs and frameworks that can also be easily repaired should any fixtures start to become loose. As with any childcare accessory, regular maintenance is important for ensuring quality usage and the safety of the child. 


Last but not least, you should consider what type of design you are looking for. 

Gone are the days when nursery furniture only came in one style and all rooms looked the same. Nowadays, nursing seats are designed to blend seamlessly into any space, and a selection of traditional and modern designs are available. They span from trendy boucle finishes to traditional wooden frames. By selecting a nursing chair that suits the room in which it is being placed, a calmer atmosphere is more likely to be achieved.

How Much Should You Pay For A Nursing Chair?

You can expect to pay a couple of hundred pounds for a good quality nursing chair with prices ranging based on many factors such as brand, style and functionality. Our collection ranges in price to give parents an option for any budget. 

We recommend always spending a good amount on a nursing chair as it will benefit you in the long run. However, always be sure to check aspects such as safety considerations and materials to ensure they are worth the money you are planning to spend.

Choose Nursing Chairs From Kiddies Kingdom

You should now be clued up on what to look for when choosing a quality nursing chair.

At Kiddies Kingdom, we have a wide collection of nursing chairs to choose from which have all been given the stamp of approval from our experts. Each product has been selected thanks to its quality construction, value for money and usability as we want to ensure that all parents can feed their little ones in complete comfort. 

To make the buying process simple, you can also refine your search by using our intelligent filter function which means you can shop by aspects such as brand, colour, material and price. 

All of our nursery furniture is designed to last, which is not an expectation of the rule for our nursing glider chairs. Shop the collection now, and be sure to contact our team if any of your burning questions have been left unanswered by this buying guide.

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