Transitioning from Highchair to Table

Transitioning from Highchair to Table

Congratulations to you on overcoming the weaning stage! Weaning and feeding your baby, and watching their little face as they try new tastes and textures, is truly magical. Now you have an eager eater; you’re probably wondering when and how your little one should transition from a highchair to a table.

It can be challenging to know what the right thing to do is. Of course, you don’t want to unsettle your little food monster by changing their eating environment, but you also don’t want them bulging out of their highchair either.

We’re going to talk you through the transition phase, when to do it and how to make it as smooth as possible. Ultimately, it all depends on your child’s developmental stage, and what you’re comfortable with. And if neither you nor your toddler is ready, that’s okay too.

Why Make the Transition?

Maybe your child is kicking and screaming whenever you try to put them in their highchair, or perhaps they’re becoming quite the little escape artist. These are signs that they’re ready for a change.

We want mealtimes to be enjoyable, so it’s important to remember that you know your tot best, and you’ll know when they’re ready to make a move. The most important thing is that they’re safe, happy and healthy when eating their food.

Your toddler will beam with joy and accomplishment when they take their seat at the big table, to sit with everyone else on a tall chair. It shows them that they’re independent and grown up enough to eat with the grown-ups.

How to Know When Your Child is Ready: The Signs


Not sure when to make the transition? Here are four signs that your toddler might be trying to tell you, that they want out of their baby chair and into something a little more fitting.

  1. Their Highchair is Causing Mealtime Madness

Are you concerned but also slightly impressed by the level of Houdini your little one has developed? If they’re trying to escape and succeeding, there’s a question of safety here too. Plus, if they’re kicking and screaming, as well as making a meal of it every time you want to settle down for dinner, it’s a sure sign that maybe they are ready for the transition.

  1. They Have Their Listening Ears On

You might have noticed lately that your toddler listens to you more than they used to, and you can trust them to follow instructions. Of course, they’re still a child and are unlikely to follow every instruction you ever give them, but whether you make the transition also comes down to their maturity.  Ask yourself if your little mischief maker can follow instructions and eat their food sensibly, sitting at a chair at the grown-up table.

  1. They Want to Join In

As your toddler gets older, they will start to notice when they’re doing things differently from everyone else. There is nothing more a toddler likes than when they’re treated like big boys and girls, so they will start to see their highchair as unnecessary and babyish. This might be particularly true if they have older siblings who sit at the table.

  1. Your Child’s Development and Disposition

When a child is over one and can fully sit up independently, they can use a booster seat for sitting at a table. However, many of these seats don’t have side support or safety restraints, so it’s essential to consider your child’s disposition, and whether they’ll be comfortable and safe on a booster seat.

Tips for Transitioning from Highchair to Table


You’ve had a successful feeding journey so far with your favourite highchair, and now you’re considering packing it away and moving on. Without a doubt, it can be an emotional time for a parent. Your baby is growing up, which can be a daunting fact, but also at the same time, so enjoyable to watch and observe the changes.

The transition phase is dependent on a few things. Before switching from a highchair to a table, here is a list of things to consider.

Make the Change Gradual

Children thrive on routine and the familiar, so doing anything to alter this must be done gradually and with lots of love. Make the switch fun and allow them to join in. Have your toddler sit on the booster seat between mealtimes to get used to sitting on the chair.

Give them a choice between the booster seat and the highchair, so they feel involved, comfortable and in control.

Use a Booster Seat

Highchair boosters are perfect miniature chairs for little people. They can be attached to a full-sized chair or used independently as a floor chair or used independently as a floor chair. Some also come with a tray table, which can be used as an activity table.

Make it Fun

Mealtimes should be precious family time, so make a habit of creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere, so your little one looks forward to a delicious meal and the whole experience. That way, they’ll look forward to settling into their booster seat too.

We hope your hungry bear enjoys mealtime a whole lot more with our guidance and handy tips for making the transition from the highchair to the table. Bon Appétit!



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