How to Attach a Bugaboo Footmuff in Under a Minute

How to Attach a Bugaboo Footmuff in Under a Minute

Bugaboo has always been passionate about colours, and their range of footmuffs will certainly brighten your day. Bugaboo footmuffs are wildly popular not just because of their stunning appearance but their outstanding quality and craftsmanship. In this post, we get cosy with Bugaboo footmuffs and answer some of your frequently asked questions. 

What is a footmuff? 

Bugaboo footmuffs are guaranteed to keep your precious passenger warm, cosy and comfortable whilst in their stroller. They’ll protect your little one from the wind and snow and add a dash of colour to your stroller. 

Your child can be strapped into the harness as normal when using the footmuff. The front padding can be zipped up, buttoned down to the desired height and adjusted to your child’s size. 

The perfect must-have that helps to regular your toddler’s bodily temperature is often thought of as being winter-only, but these footmuffs can be used all year round not only for warmth but for additional padding and comfort. The Bugaboo footmuffs are water repellent on the outside and soft, high-quality, breathable fabrics on the inside. 

They’re not only comfortable and great for protecting your little one, but they now come in gorgeous new colour options that can be mixed to match your pushchair. There’s nothing quite like a Bugaboo stroller paired with a Bugaboo footmuff. 

Bugaboo footmuff features in a nutshell

  • Water repellent materials
  • Soft and breathable fleece on the inside
  • Reflective elements for improved visibility 
  • Folds into a small package for easy storage
  • Cocoon-shaped headpiece for extra wind protection
  • Built-in shoe shield
  • Two-way zipper
  • Machine washable for easy care 

How do I attach a Bugaboo Footmuff?

  1. Put the break on your stroller so it isn’t going to move anywhere
  2. Remove the bumper bar from your stroller
  3. Remove the canopy to reveal a bare seat unit
  4. Unfasten the harness
  5. Pull forward the cushioning of the seat and, using the loop underneath the Bugaboo football, slide it on
  6. Unfold the footmuff and attach the top of it to the top of your Bugaboo seat by folding it over the edge
  7. Unzip the footmuff and open it up to reveal the inside
  8. Pull the straps and buckle through the slots
  9. Once your little one is tucked inside nicely, you can tighten around the opening to create a snug cocoon
  10. The front padding can be taken away or folded down for more airflow
  11. Undo the break, and off you go with a comfortable and toasty warm baby. 

After your first go, you’ll be able to get it on in less than a minute! 

Are Bugaboo footmuffs universal? 

These beautiful footmuffs are compatible with almost every pushchair and stroller, so you don’t even need to have a Bugaboo stroller to enjoy their gorgeous footmuffs. The Fox 3 travel system bundle comes with a Bugaboo footmuff as part of a 9-piece, complete kit.  

What colours do the Bugaboo footmuffs come in?

This is the really exciting thing about Bugaboo footmuffs. You can mix and match the colour to match, complement and go against your stroller colours. Be bold and brave with sunset red or evening pink to really brighten up a cold and dark day. 

For more neutral and natural colours, have a look at the Bugaboo footmuff in white or misty grey if you like to keep things elegant, understated and classy. Or, if you’re someone who likes to be different and stand out from the crowd, you might be interested in the unique caramel Bugaboo footmuff

So there you have everything there is to know about a Bugaboo footmuff, how to attach it, what it does and the stunning colours it’s available in. What are you waiting for? Grab one while you still can.

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