How to Put on Bugaboo Stroller Rain Covers

How to Put on Bugaboo Stroller Rain Covers

Always be prepared for unexpected weather changes with a Bugaboo rain cover. Bugaboo pushchair rain covers are super easy to attach to your pushchair. Their compact size lets you bring it with you anywhere you go and easily store it in the under-seat basket, perfect for a fun-filled family day out or a simple walk in the park. Did you know that Bugaboo rain covers can be used with the carrycot, car seat and seat unit? 

As handy as they are, parents want to be able to attach the rain cover in seconds when the weather takes an unexpected turn. In this post, we will give you simple instructions on how to attach a Bugaboo rain cover with their compatible stroller as well as helpful information about some of Bugaboo’s most popular strollers.

Dragonfly compact folding pushchair 

Let’s begin with a very popular city stroller. Meet the Dragonfly compact folding pushchair, Bugaboo’s most urban stroller. The Dragonfly’s innovative design can fold with the carrycot or seat unit into a compact, self-standing unit. City+ drive means you and your babe will experience outstanding comfort on urban terrains. The Bugaboo Dragonfly offers precision steering, smart suspension, and the new urban wheel design has enhanced traction for sharper handling and easier navigation.  

The stroller’s extra large under-carriage basket allows you to carry everything you need with you, and it even has an expandable rear pocket. It has all the features that you’d expect from Bugaboo, including an easy-buckle harness, extendable canopy and adjustable sizing. Built for a better future, this innovative, thoughtful pushchair is made more sustainably to help Bugaboo reach their goal of reaching a carbon net zero by using bio-based materials. 

How to attach the Dragonfly rain cover 

With the Dragonfly rain cover, you and your little one can be ready for an adventure, no matter the weather. The Bugaboo Dragonfly rain cover protects your baby from last-minute weather changes, be it either rain or wind. It is compact, transparent, and easy to install on your stroller in just seconds.

The large transparent surface allows you to keep an eye on your baby as you travel during rainy days, while the compact fold means that you can easily carry it or store it wherever you like.

Attaching in simple in just a few easy steps: 

  • Press down on the break so your stroller doesn’t move around
  • Put the rain cover around the seat unit, and carry the cot or car seat on your stroller, making sure the window is at the top
  • Pull to tighten to a comfortable fit around the stroller
  • Use the fasteners around the edge of the rain cover to attach the cover to the stroller
  • Finally, use the velcro at the bottom to wrap around the stroller chassis
  • Use the window to interact with your child or to give them some fresh air 
  • Take the break off, and you’re good to go.

Fox 3 and Fox 5 Strollers

The Fox stroller series by Bugaboo has been a popular choice for parents since the first Fox 1. The newest Fox editions are the 3 and 5, no they didn’t forget about number 4, but they decided to miss it out because the number is considered unlucky for some. Here is what the Fox strollers have to offer, including information about the compatible rain cover.

Fox 3 stroller

The Fox 3 stroller comes as part of this whopping 9-piece travel set bundle or can be bought independently. 

The travel system bundle includes:

It’s the ultimate stroller for a smooth ride on any terrain, so it’s great for every day or for holidays and adventures. You and your baby can feel equally comfortable roaming the city or countryside. The things that are immediately striking about this stroller are the quality and soft touch premier materials on the cover and handle, the strong and sturdy frame, and the bouncy suspension. 

It’s super light and easy to manoeuvre, so as a parent, you’ll feel ready for a day of adventure with the Fox 3 stroller. Starting with the iconic central joint, it works in perfect harmony with the rest of the chassis and the four-wheel suspension to absorb any shakes and wobbles from going up tricky curbs or across bumpy cobbles. It also has a simple, one-piece self-standing compact fold for easy storage and travelling.  

The Fox 3 stroller is strong, durable and designed to provide ultimate comfort for your newborn to toddler. The spacious carrycot with aerated mattress and open and close breeze window helps your baby to regulate their temperature. With the large, extendable canopy, your sleepy baby can have long, restful naps when on the go.  

When they’re old enough, convert the carrycot to the seat unit that supports your baby’s posture. It comes with comfortable shoulder pads and a fast-click harness so you can get your little wriggler into their stroller quickly and easily. Have them world-facing or parent-facing so they can enjoy precious interactions with you or take in their new and exciting surroundings. 

Fox 5 Stroller

This Fox 5 stroller is equally as impressive as the Fox 3 stroller but with new and improved features that take the Fox stroller to the next level. This stroller has been engineered to perfection to ensure every outing is simple and intuitive. 

It offers everything the Fox 3 does, as well as easy, one-hand adjustments, a new chassis design, an extendable seat unit, a basket upgrade and new colours. With just one hand, you can adjust the handle, seat until or fold the stroller for those times when you’re juggling your baby and shopping. The extendable seat easily accommodates your toddler’s ever-changing size as you can extend the canopy and the footrest 5 cm each.

How to attach the Fox stroller rain cover

  • Put the break on the stroller so it doesn’t move around
  • Drape the rain cover over the stroller with the grey part of the rain cover in line with the canopy
  • Pull to tighten to a comfortable fit around the stroller
  • Use the fasteners around the edge of the rain cover to attach the cover to the stroller
  • Finally, use the velcro at the bottom to wrap around the stroller chassis
  • Take the break off, and you’re good to go. 

It’s as easy as that! There’s no need to check the weather before an outing in the pram when you have a Bugaboo rain cover to protect your little one. Attach in less than a minute so you can easily keep it handy in your carriages basket and whip it out quickly when the rain starts. All you need is an umbrella for yourself!

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