How to Use Bugaboo Stroller Bassinets

How to Use Bugaboo Stroller Bassinets

We know it can be quite overwhelming when you start looking for your all-important stroller or travel system. If you’re a new parent, you’re probably wondering what the difference is between a seat unit and a bassinet and when to use them for which stroller.

Bugaboo strollers are super simple to use and understand, but we’ve provided you with a guide on how to use the Bugaboo stroller bassinets (sometimes called carrycots) as well as tonnes of information about how to choose the right stroller for you. By the end of this post, we’re sure you’ll feel confident enough to go ahead and purchase the perfect Bugaboo stroller for your family life.

Let’s get rolling! 

Factors to consider when choosing a stroller

Most people jump straight in by looking at what’s included with a stroller or travel system, as well as what it looks like and what colours it comes in. After all, choosing a stroller or pushchair is an exciting experience when you’re waiting for your little one to arrive.

But it’s a good idea to stop and think about what you want to get out of your stroller and if it’s going to meet your needs as a family. For example, are you city dwellers, countryside explorers or regular travellers? Do you want a carrycot for your newborn, or does the seat have a lie-flat recline? You’ll need a stroller that is easy to handle and best suits you.

How many children do you have

For double trouble, say hello to the Donkey 5 Duo, the new and improved side-by-side double pushchair for twice the fun. If you have two children, the Donkey 5 Duo is ideal.

Convert this pushchair from a single to a double in just three clicks to keep your little co-pilots side by side from birth to toddler. The reversible seats let siblings face each other, face you or face the world around them. 

Even though it’s a double, it’s smaller and more compact than you may think and can be easily pushed with only one hand, even through doorways. It comes with an expendable side luggage basket with an integrated zipper on the top, increasing its capacity as it transforms into a large tote bag when only used as a single stroller.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the news Donkey Duo is the array of colours to choose from. Colours have always been important to Bugaboo, and this versatile stroller comes in an astounding 22 colours! 

This great duo allows you to attach a bassinet, seat or car seat (2 of each or mix and match), making it a super versatile stroller for family life with two little tots.

Your lifestyle and family’s needs

The following strollers are excellent examples for families who are either urban dwellers, countryside adventurous or world travellers. 

Fox 5 stroller 

If you’re the type of parent who wants to take your little one on adventures, then you’ll need the Fox 5 stroller because it guarantees a smooth ride on any terrain. You and your baby can feel equally comfortable roaming the city streets or through the countryside. The things that are immediately striking about this stroller are the quality and soft touch premier materials on the cover and handle, the strong and sturdy frame, and the bouncy suspension. 

It’s super light and easy to manoeuvre, so as a parent, you’ll feel ready for a day of adventure with the Fox 5 stroller. Starting with the iconic central joint, it works in perfect harmony with the rest of the chassis and the four-wheel suspension to absorb any shakes and wobbles from going up tricky curbs or across bumpy cobbles. It also has a simple, one-piece self-standing compact fold for easy storage and travelling. 

The Fox 5 comes as a complete stroller with a carrycot and seat unit, and the two are interchangeable.

Dragonfly compact folding stroller

If you’re more of an urban family who likes to explore cities and towns and want something super lightweight, easy to push and practical, the Dragonfly compact folding stroller is considered the future of city strollers, and it’ll be the one for you. 

The Dragonfly’s innovative design can fold with the Dragonfly carrycot or seat unit attached into a compact, self-standing unit. City+ drive means you and your babe will experience outstanding comfort on urban terrains. The Bugaboo Dragonfly offers precision steering, smart suspension, and the new urban wheel design has enhanced traction for sharper handling and easier navigation.

The stroller’s extra large under-carriage basket allows you to carry everything you need with you, and it even has an expandable rear pocket. It has all the features you’d expect from Bugaboo, including an easy-buckle harness, extendable canopy and adjustable sizing. Built for a better future, this innovative, thoughtful pushchair is made more sustainably to help Bugaboo reach their goal of reaching a carbon net zero.

Butterfly compact folding stroller

The Butterfly compact folding pushchair is the ideal travel stroller with a 1-second fold, ultra-compact design and has been certified for air travel. The quick fold allows you to carry it down staircases, lift it onto the train or put it into the trunk of a car hassle-free. It even features a hands-free carry handle so you can walk with your little one holding your hand and have the stroller over your shoulder. 

The Butterfly weighs only 7.3kg which makes carrying super easy. It’s still a robust stroller that can easily support your little one and carry a basket of shopping. The optional bumper bar attaches to your Butterfly stroller and creates a safe and comfortable forcefield everywhere you go. The Butterfly compact stroller has extra padded cushioning, an extendable canopy and recline positions to keep your little passenger comfortable.

Its intended use is from 6 months to toddler but can be used from newborn when partnered with a compatible car seat. This stroller does not have a bassinet option, so it’s best used for travelling once your little babe reaches 6 months old.

Travel system vs stroller

Are you looking for a stroller alone, or would you prefer a complete travel system that provides you with everything you need to travel with your baby? A complete travel system comes with the stroller frame, seat unit, carrycot, car seat and sometimes other accessories too. 

The Fox 3 travel system bundle is part of the Fox family, and it’s widely considered an elite travel system. This bundle includes a whopping 9 pieces, and it’s everything you’ll need to see the world with your newborn.

 The travel system bundle includes:


All Bugaboo strollers are compatible with the Turtle Air by Nuna car seat. Meaning you can transfer your little babe from vehicle to stroller effortlessly with the use of car seat adapters. These adapters click into your stroller and connect the car seat to the stroller. Make sure you buy the right adapters for the stroller.

Some strollers come ready with a seat unit and carrycot, like the Duo and Fox, while others come only with the suit unit, like the Butterfly. In some cases, like with the Dragonfly, you can purchase a separate carrycot. The only thing left is to decide whether you want a carrycot for your newborn or if you’re happy with a stroller that has a lie-flat recline option. 

How to use the Bugaboo Bassinet

Made with soft, durable materials, Bugaboo carrycots are ideal for allowing newborns and young babies a comfortable space to view the world and sleep comfortably and safely. Before your little one has learned to sit up properly, hold their head up and be able to carry their posture, they need somewhere to lie flat, which is where the bassinet comes in.

How to put a bassinet together

This is an example of how to put together the Fox variation:  

  1. Slide the plastic insert on the bassinet onto the stroller frame
  2. Once inserted, pull it all the way around to the opposite side
  3. Slide the plastic inserts on the bottom of the bassinet on both sides and pull all the way around
  4. Adjust the bassinet so it is neat around the frame and
  5. Pull the fabric over the frame to around the button 
  6. Put the base of the bassinet in
  7. Attach the plastic frame to the hooks on the bassinet and clip it into place
  8. Do the same on the other side
  9. Put the mattress in place
  10. Zip on the cover
  11. Attach the canopy
  12. Attach the bumper bar

Once you’ve assembled your carrycot, you can attach the frame to the stroller, and you’re good to go right from day 1 until your little one gets to about 6 months old. From then, you’ll want to convert the bassinet into a seat unit.

And that’s it! Everything you need to know about how to choose the perfect stroller for your lifestyle and what the bassinet part is all about. Some strollers come with a lie-flat function so that you won’t need a bassinet, but any strollers offer both options to decide which is best for your baby.

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