Britax Römer: A Buyer’s Guide

Searching for a reliable yet comfortable car seat can be a nightmare for parents and guardians, with the market offering lots of options. We are pleased to share that this search can come to an end as the new Britax Römer SWIVEL I-SIZE combines safety and sophistication into one elegant solution. 

Allowing parents to invest once in a product that will support their child as they grow, this stylish car seat is a brilliant investment for many reasons. If you are interested in choosing a Britax Römer car seat that brings with it safety, design, and value for money, this buying guide is for you. Keep reading to learn about this unique seat, understand how safety is guaranteed and to find out how you can make a purchase. We will also share details about the brand new Britax Römer SWIVEL I-SIZE collection which comes with a variety of features finished in stunning hues. 

What Is The Britax Römer SWIVEL I-SIZE Car Seat?

For over 50 years Britax Römer has led the global industry in safety technology and expertise and it is one of the top manufacturing companies for car seats. One of the latest products to enter this car seat hall of fame is the  Britax Römer SWIVEL I-SIZE Car Seat.

This brilliant new car seat is available in a choice of five colours with their latest colour being the Dusty Rose colourway. Proving that style doesn’t mean that quality has to be forgotten, this delicate colourway boasts a muted roseate hue which is unique on the market. This new car seat is also available in a choice of other colours including Frost Grey, Jade Green, Midnight Grey and Space Black to give parents complete choice over what their car interior looks like.

Alongside the stunning colours available, precision and detailing can be found in every design element of this seat from the durable stitching to the comfort-ensuring ergonomic shape. With this product, you can truly elevate your interior to ensure that the perfect finish is achieved.

What Makes The Britax Römer SWIVEL I-SIZE The Perfect Car Seat?

Finding a car seat which ticks all of the boxes is not an easy task until you come across this innovative design! The Britax Römer SWIVEL I-SIZE is a versatile car seat which offers extensive support and brilliant value. 

Suitable for birth up to 7 years (125cm) – We all know that car seats have to adapt as children grow. To eliminate the need to spend out on a new model when every milestone is reached, this seat is designed to support children up to the height of 125cm tall. Furthermore, if you adore this Dusty Rose hue, the same soft colourway is available across the product range covering children from birth up to the age of 12 years when a car seat is no longer compulsory. 

To comfortably accommodate children up to 7 years, this model features a full 360° rotation along with highback booster mode so all seating preferences can be accounted for. Furthermore, straps and fixtures can be adjusted to offer perfect support.

Extra considerations for newborns – Keeping a newborn baby safe and calm in a car can be tough. However, with this car seat, you can provide the perfect support thanks to the padded newborn insert, which perfectly moulds to tiny bodies. Other features that are unique to this model and ideal for newborns include the SWIVEL system for easy placement of the child and multiple recline positions.

Long lasting harness suitable for up to 18kg/105cm – The seat allows your child to travel in a rearward facing position with the safe 5-point-harness for even longer – until the age of 4 (105 cm). This offers enhanced peace of mind in knowing that a secure fit has been achieved whether the seat is used for rear or forward-facing adventures. The harness also has five points to cover all areas of the body. 

Enhanced SWIVEL and recline system – While this is a feature that many seats offer, this model is unique as both are controlled with the same button. This ensures ease of use, so turn and recline effortlessly as both functions can be controlled together for a completely personalised seated position.

How Does The Britax Römer SWIVEL I-SIZE Dusty Rose Ensure Car Safety?

As you will know if you have read the Kiddies Kingdom complete guide to car seat regulations, the UK has various travel laws that parents must be aware of. To take away the stress from achieving a legally compliant installation, this colourful collection is certified to meet UN R129 standards. R129 car seats are important as they represent the latest in travel safety technology so should a collision occur, suitable protection is in place to reduce the impact forces to a child. This model includes deep and secure side wings to shield your little one and create a safe cocoon. 

Safety features, which also enhance comfort, include the ergonomic recline, Five-Point harness system and rear-facing versatility allowing this seating style to be used for longer. Additionally, this seat boasts advanced safety technology including ISOFIX installation, and deep softly padded wings for energy absorption in side impact collisions.

These professionally-tested safety considerations are available not just in this product range but also the wider collection of Britax Römer seats including the BABY-SAFE PRO, DUALFIX PRO M, MAX SAFE PRO and KIDFIX i-SIZE. The range is not just known for high-performance but also stunning colourways. The Dusty Rose colour is one of the most unique. This soft, feminine hue is available across the range of Britax Römer seats allowing you to select the perfect product that suits your style preferences.

Benefits Of Selecting The Britax Römer SWIVEL I-SIZE 

To summarise the features we have included in this article, we have summarised the main benefits in three handy points below:

Versatile For Different Ages

A child needs a seat up to the age of 12 years of age or 135cm meaning parents must take time to consider the best seating option.The Britax Römer SWIVEL I-SIZE allows the first seven years of a child’s travelling needs to be catered for, meaning parents only have to purchase one follow on seat, so its great value for money, and parents have complete peace of mind knowing that all safety considerations are being met for many years to come.

Simple To Install

Another overarching benefit is that installation and adjustments are simple. We often get asked how to fit a car seat correctly, as it can be an overwhelming task. However, thanks to improved ISOFIX installation features that this seat offers, this guesswork can be quickly eliminated. The rotation system and adjustable headrest and harness also means that no matter how quickly a child grows, a secure fit can always be achieved. 

Sleek Design

Finally, we know safety is important but design also matters! Not only does the Britax Römer SWIVEL I-SIZE offer a unique and stylish finish, but also enhanced comfort meaning a relaxed and more enjoyable travel experience for your child. With plush padding that is simple to clean and care for, you can also easily maintain the car seats’ premium finish, to ensure it looks good for even longer.

How To Buy The Britax Römer SWIVEL I-SIZE Car Seat?

There is no denying that this sophisticated model is a brilliant investment choice for parents. Coming in at only £300 when at full price, excellent value for money is easy to achieve. We are proud to stock this revolutionary car seat within the Kiddies Kingdom collection in both the Dusty Rose colourway and a wider collection of colour options.

We also offer extensive advice when it comes to installing and using any Britax Römer car seat. Going the extra mile our showroom staff can help you to try your child in the seat, and the seat in the car. Allowing you to test for the comfort and safety of your child in a bespoke one to one basis.

For the best experience Book an appointment with our team or visit our stunning showroom.

The Britax Römer SWIVEL ISIZE collection featuring the Dusty Rose design is chic, sophisticated, stylish and affordable, making it a fantastic solution for parents and guardians. Shop the product now to ensure your child always travels with safety and style guaranteed.

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