Fireworks fun (and facts!)


With bonfire night upon us, it is the time of the year that the sky is illuminated by a variety of beautiful colours – sure to make both young and old ooh and ahh!

Staying safe this firework season is incredibly important – individuals, whether they are children or adults, should be dressed appropriately for the weather and stay a safe distance away from both the bonfire and fireworks. Bonfires can emit hazardous chemicals into the atmosphere and it is important that you do not breathe in too much of the smoke.

Also, ear protection should be considered before attending any event. Fireworks are typically registered at 140dB, however the ear in early years can only cope with 80dB – anything over that can have severe detrimental effect on the developing ear and overall hearing.

But did you know about these fireworks facts?

China is the world’s largest manufacturer of fireworks and they also export the most around the world. Nearly 90% of all fireworks originate from China! I’m sure in China, they know how to put on a great display!

In England, the first recorded and documented use of fireworks was way back in 1486 for King Henry VII’s wedding.

If you, or someone else, dreams of fireworks, it is said to mean that you like to be centre of attention and have been known to show off to others!

Rockets have been clocked at going at speeds of up to 150mph! And the shell can reach up to a whopping 200 metres!

The worlds largest rocket weighed in at a staggering 13kg and was produced as well as launched in Portugal in 2010.

Back in 1996, to mark the New Year’s celebrations in Hong Kong, a string of firecrackers were lit that lasted for a truly staggering 22 hours!
The hardest colour to create for a firework is blue.

Queen Elizabeth loved fireworks. And she loved them so much, that she even created a special honorary title, ‘Fire Master of England’ for the person who created the best fireworks! What a title to have!

And on a serious note…

Fireworks are not fun for cats and dogs – please make sure that your pets are safely kept inside when the fireworks are going off and if you are going out to watch a display, leave the television or some music playing on low to help mask the noise for your furry friends.

And half of all firework related injuries happen to children under the age of 16 – so stay safe this fireworks and bonfire night and enjoy the seasonal fun!

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