How to Clean an Egg Pram in 5 Easy Steps


It’s inevitable that your beautiful egg pram is going to look a little worse for wear from time to time, especially with a little one with sticky fingers and muddy wellies always clambering in and out of it. It’s perfectly fine for your stroller to get a little dirty; after all, dirty wheels are soiled fabrics that are worth the long-lasting memories of days out and adventure with your precious child. 

But, it’s important to keep your egg buggy clean most of the time for your baby so they have a comfortable and relaxing place to sit and take in the world around them. We have provided you have a step-by-step guide on how to clean your egg pram, as well as some information about egg pushchairs and maintenance instructions. 

Cleaning your egg stroller 

Cleaning your egg stroller is simple, and the main thing to remember is that you shouldn’t attempt to clean the pushchair fabrics in the washing machine as this can damage them. To keep your stroller fabrics looking pristine, follow these steps: 

  1. First, vacuum any crumbs off your egg stroller
  2. Read the care label on your pram for accurate care instructions
  3. Second, use clean, warm soapy water (with a mild detergent) and a clean, soft sponge or cloth to clean the fabrics
  4. Use the same method to wipe down the wheels and chassis gently
  5. Finally, allow to completely air dry (away from direct sunlight) before using. 

Care and Maintenance 

We’re sure that not only do you want a fresh and clean pram for your little darling but a fully working pram that’s safe, secure and comfortable. To do this, here we have provided you with some simple care and maintenance instructions so your pram keeps rolling for as long as possible. 

  • Regularly check screws, rivets, bolts and fastenings to ensure they are locked tight and secure and replace any parts that aren’t in good condition. 
  • When using an egg stroller in winter, at the seaside or on an off-road adventure, it’s important to clean your pram afterwards using fresh water and allow it to dry thoroughly. Salt water and salt grit can corrode metal parts unless removed properly. 
  • Check that the chassis locking devices and brakes are in full working order regularly. 
  • Try to avoid exposing the egg buggy to excessive sunlight for extended periods of time; even normal, everyday exposure to sunlight can cause the colour of the fabric to change over time. 
  • If you find your wheels are a little squeaky, use a light oil or silicone spray can be used to lubricate moving parts. You can also use petroleum jelly to lubricate the front axle stubs. 

Egg strollers 

If you’re still deciding on which egg stroller to go for, now you know they’re super easy to clean, but what else can they do for your family? In this section, you’ll be introduced to the egg strollers that we stock at Kiddies Kingdom and their standout features, so you can make an informed decision on which one is best for your bundle of joy. 

Egg2 stroller

egg2 Egg Stroller

The concept behind the popular egg buggy comes from non-other than the humble ‘egg’ itself- richly signifying birth, warmth, shelter and sustenance. The popular and luxurious black egg2 stroller has soft-touch marl tailoring, smooth curves, infinite lines and excellent design engineering, so you and your baby have a smooth ride and an exceptional experience. The superior egg2 provides maximum comfort for your precious passenger, and the ease of use has become one of the brand’s hallmarks.

A proud and robust chassis, the egg2 5-position handle has an impressive adjustable range. Featuring a one-hand folding mechanism, the chassis is super easy to collapse, and once folded, it is compact and freestanding. With this stroller, your little one has three recline positions and the choice to be parent or world-facing. 

Keep your baby covered yet cool with the extendable canopy that features a ventilation net that doubles up as a window so they can stay curious and take in the new world around them. For when your baby is asleep, close the viewing window using the magnetic buttons on the fabric and the multi-terrain, puncture-proof wheels mean they’re in for a smooth and undisturbed ride. 

EggZ stroller

eggZ Egg Stroller

The eggZ stroller is compact, lightweight and has an extendable basket that offers great length and depth, making it a great urban pushchair. A unique curved chassis profile invites the very clever z-fold system at the heart of the stroller, perfect for fast transitions on the go. A deceptively simple one-hand process using discrete buttons on the hand-stitched handlebar ends with a small freestanding fold. The handlebar area also houses two convenient hooks for hanging your backpack. 

A simple one-touch handle recline makes life much easier than the strap recline systems on other strollers, and ease of use is pushed to the max with the ingenious magnetic buckle system on the harness. This stroller is the result of well-thought-out features and practical functionality, all in a small package.

Well, both strollers are simple and easy to clean in just 5 steps, so now you have all the information about the eggZ and the egg2 we hope you feel confident that you know which one is the best choice for your precious passenger. 

Once you’ve made your decision, why not step out in style every day with coordinating egg accessories? The accessory range is made using quality fabrics and materials to complement the egg buggies and egg car seats perfectly. From stylish backpacks and bottle holders to essential car seat adapters and footmuffs, the egg accessories range offers flexibility, elegance, comfort and ease for both you are your little egg, so you can get more out of every journey. 

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