How to Choose a Silver Cross Car Seat

How to Choose a Silver Cross Car Seat

Choosing a car seat can feel like a minefield with so many to pick from, but it just comes down to your needs and what you want from this essential piece of safety travel equipment. It’s an important decision since you’ll be using it so often; it must be easy to use, stylish, not an eye sore but, most importantly, safe.

Consider asking yourself if the car seat will be stationed in just one car or if it’ll be moved between two vehicles. Is the car seat for the grandparents, and if so, will any other children be using it? Do you need a car seat compatible with ISOFIX or a vehicle seat belt secure system?

Most of all, there is nothing more important than keeping your baby safe in their car seat when travelling in a vehicle, so safety should always be the most important factor when making your decision. We’re here to help you, so you don’t have to feel lost when looking for Silver Cross seats.

In this guide, you will discover the award-winning car seats Silver Cross has to offer, so you can make an informed decision for your precious cargo. We are here to show you around the world of car seats and answer some of your questions.


Which car seat group to choose from

There are many different types of car seats available, catering to the different age groups and weight ranges of children. They are divided into the following 6 categories:

  1. Group 0+ Car Seats
  2. Group 0+/1 Car Seats
  3. Group 1 Car Seats
  4. Group 2/3 Car Seats
  5. Group 1/2/3 Car Seats
  6. Group 3 Car Seats

We have created a simple guide explaining car seat groups to help you get a firm grasp on understanding this.

Infant Carriers

Silver Cross Infant Carriers are amongst the safest car seats money can buy. The i-Size car seats are suitable from birth to around 40-48cm (around 9-12 months). Designed for enhanced safety, i-Size car seats are customised based on your child’s weight and are intended to remain rearward-facing for a longer duration, which is considered the safest option.

Non-i-Size car seats are categorised by weight and are suitable from birth to 9kg (6 months).  For more information, see our helpful guide on car seat regulations for parents so you can feel at ease that you’re doing the right thing for your baby.

Most infant carriers are compatible with a partnered stroller chassis to make a complete travel system, such as the Silver Cross Dream i-Size seat which is compatible with all Silver Cross pushchairs.

When the carrier clips into a stroller, the transition from the car to the stroller is more straightforward and causes less disturbance for your peaceful newborn.

Some car seats are also suitable from birth but incompatible with the stroller. The car seats are perfect for longevity as they last far longer than an infant carrier, so you won’t need to invest in a new one as often.

Choosing the right car seat for your bundle of joy isn’t the only thing you’ll need; adding car seat accessories such as a sun shade or a handy mirror that allows you to see your little one whilst driving, all contribute to a smooth ride, making up your Silver Cross essential travel kit.


Dream I-Size

Starting from their very first journey, your little one will remain comfortable and content until the time comes to upgrade to a larger car seat. The Silver Cross Dream i-Size has a five-point adjustable headrest and newborn insert so you can have peace of mind that your carrier will grow with your newborn and adjust to their size.

The Dream i-Size car seat is compatible with all Silver Cross strollers, including the Dune, Wave, Wayfarer, Pioneer, Reef, Surf and Pacific if you’re wanting to invest in a full travel system. The Dream is an award-winning car seat suitable from birth to 13kg and is compatible with ISOFIX or a vehicle seat belt, this carrier is versatile and ideal for all vehicles.

Silver Cross are renowned for the safety features of its products, and the Dream I-Size is no different. It has a four-layer side impact protection which keeps your happy passenger safe and comfortable. This carrier is safe, practical and easy to install and has a luxury feel to it and a modern design. The Silver Cross Dream I-size really is a dream.

The Silver Cross i-Size is perfect for parents and for those who want a quick and easy transition without fuss or hassle. It is a great car seat to share between vehicles because of its easy, click-in-and-out installation feature with ISOFIX.

Simplicity Plus

The upgraded version of the award-winning, best-selling Simplicity car seat, the Silver Cross Simplicity Plus has a new and improved seat position to enhance the comfort of your baby. It comes with a newborn head-hugger to stop your precious baby’s fragile head from tipping forward as they sleep. The Simplicity Plus can be used with an ISOFIX or it can be secured using the vehicle’s car seat. This is perfect for budget-conscious parents who don’t want to compromise on style or safety. The Simplicity Plus does exactly what it needs to do in a simplistic, no-fuss kind of way.


Car Seats

When your baby isn’t so little anymore and they’ve outgrown their baby carrier, you’ll need to upgrade to a car seat. Car seats aren’t compatible with strollers because they’re bigger and more robust, so you will need to transfer your little bouncing baby-turned-feisty toddler from the car to a seat unit in the stroller.

Motion 360 Car Seats

The Silver Cross Motion 360 Car Seat is for all stages, from birth to 12 years old, so it is the only car seat you will ever need, making it cost-effective and hassle-free. Not only will your child be comfortable and snug in the soft, natural bamboo fabrics, but you’ll also feel comfortable getting your baby in and out of the car without awkwardly leaning over the seat.

The 360 swivel allows you to turn the car seat towards you to effortlessly place your baby and strap them securely, before twisting the seat to a forward or rearward-facing position. Note that rearward facing is the safest option and babies should remain this way until at least 15 months old. This impressive car seat is compatible with ISOFIX, making securing the seat to your vehicle quick and easy, and you can feel confident that your little love is safe and sound.

This Motion 360 car seat is perfect for busy parents who need a quick in and out of the car or for parents who have little wrigglers that can cause a fuss when getting into their car seat. It’s also ideal for grandparents or extended family members because of the accessible swivel technology and the broad age range, so it is safe for passengers of different ages.

Balance I-Size Car Seat

The Silver Cross Balance I-Size is suitable from 15 months to 12 years, so it is an ideal car seat if you want an upgrade from your infant carrier. It is made using memory foam padded seats, four reclining positions, and a head hugger for an ultra-comfortable ride. Indulge your precious little gem in optimal comfort as they grow for happy travelling.

If you’re a parent looking for the next car seat after your little delight has grown out of their baby carrier, this one is the one for you, and it will be the only upgrade you will need to make.

Discover Car Seat

This car seat is for your toddler as they grow into a child, from 3 to 12 years. They’ll feel like a big kid in this car seat because it is considered a booster car seat. The Silver Cross Discover Car Seat is more suitable for older children, as it looks more mature and is bulkier than the other car seats that are ideal for younger babies.

Your little Mr or Miss will be comfortable as they grow with the ergonomic seat, adjustable headrest and extendable side wings. The Discover is made of soft, breathable mesh fabrics and can be easily installed using ISOFIX car fittings without needing a base.

If you’re a parent of a child who is a little too big for their boots and wants to be considered one of the big boys and girls, this car seat will keep them happy and safe too.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Adjust My Car Seat Straps?

All Silver Cross car seats except for the Discover are equipped with a 5-point safety harness. To adjust the straps, press the release button and pull on the straps towards the top of the seat to loosen and tighten, and pull on the belt at the base of the seat.

How Do I Fit My Car Sear into an ISOFIX Base?

The ISOFIX base comes with colour indicators making installation quick and easy. If you have clicked your car seat incorrectly, the indicators will turn green; if not, they will remain red. Stabilise the ISOFIX base by pulling down the leg to your car’s foot.

How Do I Remove My Car Seat from the ISOFIX Base?

Press the release button on the car seat to remove it from the ISOFIX base. This is usually located at the top back of the car seat. Press and lift to release your car seat.

How Do I Clean My Silver Cross Car Seat?

Silver Cross recommends not putting any fabrics in the washing machine as it could damage the fabrics and the integrity of the safety elements. To clean, use a soft sponge with warm soapy water.

When Can I Remove the Newborn Insert?

There are no specific age or weight requirements for when to remove the newborn insert, so it is your choice to do this when you feel your baby is ready. Most importantly, your baby is comfortable and safe, and their head isn’t tipping forward when they sleep.

Most parents choose to remove the insert or newborn wedge at around 6 months old.

We hope you feel confident in the Silver Cross car seat range and choose the right one for your precious passenger.

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