Making the Move from Cot To Bed

Baby sat in moses basket

It feels like just yesterday that you were delicately placing your tiny new-born into their moses basket, but the time has finally come to for your little baby to move into their big kid bed. As scary as it seems, once your child has got used to their new bed, they will love how grown-up they feel.

The transition can be tricky, some children take to it straight away, whilst others hate it. If that is the case then there is nothing wrong with stopping for a few weeks and trying again, as they may just not be ready for the change quite yet.

However, there are certain things you can do to try and make the move as smooth as possible:


Place their new bed in the same place in the bedroom as their cot used to be, and bring as many items from their cot into the bed, e.g. teddy bears, comforters etc. This will help make your child feel comforted, surrounded by things that are familiar to them.

Get Them Excited

The best way to help transition the move is to make your child excited about the new bed. Turn it into an event, with a countdown to the ‘Big Bed Day!”. You could even throw a small party (just family) to celebrate the occasion, with treats and games.

Involve your child in shopping for the new bed, allowing them to choose (within reason of course!) the style. They can also choose the duvet covers, cushions and perhaps a new cuddly toy.

Buy A Junior Bed

If you feel that the move from a cot to a big bed is too much for your child then a junior bed is the perfect in-between solution. They are smaller than a twin bed, so your child won’t feel so ‘lost’ in it, helping make the transition easier.

Bedroom Safety

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, ensure the bed is safe. Your child is used to being protected on all four sides of their cotbed by rails, so can roll and wiggle freely, safe in the knowledge that they won’t fall out.

Either buy a bed with support railings built-in or buy a bed guard separately that can be attached to the bed, this will stop your little one rolling on the floor during the night.

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