Simplifying Life with Two Children: Double Pushchair Buying Guide

Having two young children shouldn’t be double the trouble, but double the fun! With the right double pushchair, you can make family days out or everyday tasks much easier so it’s important to choose the right one that fits in with your lifestyle and needs. 

At Kiddies Kingdom, we know it can be tricky to choose the right one for you and we are experts in all things pushchairs, including doubles. We’ve put together a buying guide with information on how to choose the right pushchair and examples of our favourite ones so you can find the perfect double stroller for your two cheeky cherubs. 

What’s the difference between double pushchairs and twin pushchairs? 

Double pushchairs, sometimes named duo or tandem pushchairs are ideal for two young children of different ages as they can be adapted to various configurations. This means you can have your newborn in their cosy carrycot whilst your toddler has a seat unit. A twin pushchair usually offers two spaces for twins or babies of a very similar age as they usually come with two carrycots and two seat units for when they’re a little bit older. 

If you’re having twins, then you’ll need a twin pushchair for your teeny tots, whereas if you’re having a second baby and your other little one is older but still needs a pushchair, then you’ll need a double pushchair. Sometimes the word double is also used to describe twin pushchairs so make sure you check what the pram has to offer before jumping in. 

The good news is that some great double pushchairs on offer offer various configurations for parents who prefer side-to-side seating or one front and one back for narrow spaces, so there’s something to suit every family’s needs. 

Do I need a double pushchair? 

This is probably one of the biggest questions parents will ask themselves when they’re expecting another baby when they already have another young child and this will vary depending on your child. Some toddlers are ready to leave their pram behind when they reach two or two and a half years old whereas others still love to sit back and relax in their stroller beyond the age of three. 

It also depends on what your family lifestyle is like. If you enjoy going on long walks together or full-day family outings of fun then your toddler, even if they’re a walking warrior will probably still need a pushchair. If you’re expecting another baby and your toddler is going to be around the age of two or three when the new addition arrives then we recommend investing in a good-quality double pushchair so you can still enjoy fun-filled family days out and both of your little ones have somewhere to rest. 

How to choose a double pushchair 

A double pushchair is supposed to simplify life with two children so you must choose the right one for your lifestyle. Here are some tips on what to look for when choosing a double pram. 

Your lifestyle 

Consider your family lifestyle and what you need your pram to be able to do. For example, if you live in an urban setting, then you’ll need a nimble, easy-to-use double pushchair that can tackle busy city streets and fit through narrow doorways for those lunch trips or shopping days. 

If you live in a more rural setting or you enjoy taking your little ones out on an outdoor adventure, then you’ll need a pram with large, puncture-proof wheels, super suspension and maybe even a large basket area to pack a picnic, with a sporty appearance

In addition, if you know you’re going to be driving around a lot with the pushchair in tow or if you plan to travel around a lot on public transport, for example, then you’ll need to make sure your pushchair packs down small enough to fit into tight spaces. This is particularly important if you’re a family who likes to travel as you’ll need your double buggy to be lightweight and each to fold when getting on and off planes and trains. 

Storage and style 

Another thing to think about is where you will store your double pushchair. You may already have the perfect spot at home where you store your first, single pushchair, but now this one is going to be a little bigger you’ll need to think about what space you have and how big your pushchair can be. 

You’ll be surprised how compact some double pushchairs are, so don’t expect all of them to be big, bulky and difficult to store. It is possible to choose a compact double pushchair that doesn’t take up much space, is easy to use and doesn’t take much more effort than a single stroller. 

As well as the size, double pushchairs come in all kinds of styles, from tandem to side-by-side and in a range of different colours too. Decide which style you prefer and how you want your double pushchair to look as this will help you to narrow down your choices. 

Safety and comfort 

One of the most important things to ensure when you’re buying a double pram, or any pram, is the safety of your little ones. Check the padding, safety harness, and recline positions and that the pram you have chosen is suitable for the age of both of your children. Remember that newborn babies should be in a flat position until they are at least 6 months old, or sitting up unaided so you’ll need a double pram that comes with a carrycot option or a seat unit that fully reclines. 

To check your little passengers are going to be comfortable, make sure you choose a carrycot with a plush mattress as your newborn will spend a lot of time sleeping in there and don’t forget about your toddler too. They’ll need recline positions for when they have a little snooze, a footrest, cushioning and a canopy to keep them comfortable whilst out and about. 

Versatility and ease of use 

Finally, you want to choose a double pushchair that is going to work for you and make life a little easier. We understand how tough it can be at times to load everything in the car, kids included, and head off on a family fun day out when there’s so much to think about. Well, make sure you choose a pram that doesn’t add to chaos. 

Different double prams come with different features such as a one-hand fold, a large undercarriage basket for all those essentials, cup holders, easily adjustable handles and so much more. Choose a double pushchair that is going to work perfectly for your family. 

Your double pushchair buying guide 

Now for the exciting part, the double pushchairs. We know from experience that choosing a pushchair is one of the most exciting things to buy when you’re expecting a baby (or maybe you’re upgrading your existing pram) so we have put together some of our favourite double pushchairs and put them here, in one place, so you can choose the best one for you. 

Joie EvaLite Duo Stroller 

The Joie EvaLite Duo Stroller is designed to carry two little ones and all their luggage without a heavy load. This innovative stroller is a lightweight luxury that makes travelling with two, twice as nice. This pushchair weighs just over 10kg, which is one of the lightest double pushchairs available. 

If you’re the type of family who likes to travel or load the pushchair in the boot of the car, jump on a train and head off on an adventure then this is the pram for you. Not only is it lightweight but it is seriously compact cargo. It’s easy to lift, load and fold with a seriously smooth one-hand fold that packs flat enough to fit into even small boots and snug storage spaces. 

This is the ideal pram for families that don’t have a lot of storage space but want a reliable and easy-to-use double pushchair that slots into their busy urban family lifestyle. The stroller is nimble, fits fits through narrow spaces due to the tandem design and is easy to use. 

The rear seat is suitable from birth as it has a lie-flat feature and the front seat is available from 6 months old, making it perfect for an older child and a newborn. This reliable stroller also comes in a beautiful pebble colour. 

Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo Pushchair 

The brilliant Bugaboo Donkey 5 Duo is one of the most versatile and stylish pushchairs out there. It comes in a rainbow of colours such as morning pink and forest green and has a range of configurations. 

Let your children discover life together with this new and improved side-by-side pushchair that converts from a single to a double in just three simple clicks and is suitable from birth to toddler. The reversible seats let siblings face each other, face you or face the exciting world in front of them. 

The Bugaboo Donkey is easy to push with just one hand so there’s no need to struggle with the weight of two passengers. Not only is this pram super versatile because of the different configurations but it is also compatible with different infant car seats too, meaning you can transfer your baby from the car to the pushchair without a fuss. 

It comes with an extendable side luggage basket with a 35-litre capacity, so you’ll never be short on space to put your essentials. This basket also comes with an integrated zipper on the top and it also transforms into a large tote bag. This double pram is ideal for stylish families that like to change things up and head on out with endless possibilities ahead of them. 

Simplifying life with two children: choose a double pushchair 

So now you know everything there is to know when choosing a double pushchair. The most important thing to remember is to make sure the pram you choose is going to make life with two children easier for you. Consider your family’s lifestyle and needs before jumping in and make sure your two little ones are safe and cosy in their new ride by choosing to buy from a reputable retailer like Kiddies Kingdom. 

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