Seeing Double: The Best Double Prams for Newborns And Toddlers

Double Prams for Newborns And Toddlers

Whether you’re about to welcome twins into your family, or you’re looking for a buggy to transport your squawking siblings, there is a huge range of double prams out there to pick from. Here are a few of our faves:

Our favourite double prams for newborns and toddlers

BabyStyle Oyster Twin Lite Stroller

This light weight pram from Babystyle comes in 6 different colours, including a gorgeous lime. The pram folds easily, which is super useful when it comes to often cumbersome double prams. Each seat reclines independently so it’s suitable from birth onwards, as well as including a huge shopping basket underneath (think of all the chocolate you could fill it with!), extendable hood and lockable front wheel for streamlined strolling!

Mountain Buggy Duet Twin-Flint (2.5 version)

This all terrain buggy is perfect for all your adventurous activities, or if that sounds too exhausting, it’s also great for a trip to the local park! It is incredibly adaptable as it not only can be a double buggy, but if you only have one child and are just planning on a second, you can turn the extra space into a huge storage bag. You simply attach a joey clip-on tote, and hey presto – your very own shopping basket. There are a whole host of other fantastic features, including; adjustable and independent seat positions, peek-a-boo flaps on the sun canopies and one-hand compact fold trigger.

Out n About Nipper Double 360 V4 Stroller

The Out n About pram has won so many awards it almost feels like we’re bragging, but we’re really not, it is that good! Suitable from birth to 4 years, it is one of the lightest double prams on the market, as well as including storage pockets and a large shopping pouch, it also looks pretty great too!

Cosatto To and Fro Duo Twin Stroller

The genius of the To and Fro Cosatto pram is that you can choose parent or world-facing. Meaning that you can keep your newborn facing towards you as you walk (allowing you more time to coo over their gorgeous smile), whilst your toddler can face outwards and take in all the action – win, win! And it’s so simple to do to, you just pull the hood through. The tandem pushchair also includes a cup holder, headhuggers, chest pads, footmuffs and a raincover!

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