Travel Cots: Everything You Need to Know

Having a travel cot means your baby has a home away from home. We know travelling with a little one can be stressful at the best of times, especially when they have to stay away from the comfort of their own bed. But, there are so many different travel cots to choose from with so many different features that we understand it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. 

In this post, we give you all the information you need to be able to choose the perfect travel cot. We have also included plenty of options for you to look at from our range of travel cots on our Kiddies Kingdom website. 

What is a travel cot? 

Travel cots ensure your little one has a comfortable and safe place to sleep when they’re away from home. If you’re going on holiday, on a mini-break or if your baby is having a sleepover at a friend or family member’s house, a travel cot gives your baby their own space. 

Travel cots are usually made with a mesh construction that ensures plenty of ventilation circulates the cot. Often, a drop-down side is included so you can safely co-sleep with your baby, and then they have an extra sense of security when they’re in unfamiliar surroundings. Some travel cots even double up as a playpen meaning your little one not only has a place to sleep but somewhere to play and be entertained safely too. 

Some travel cots function as changing mats and have a rocking feature,  so you can change your baby’s nappy quickly and easily before bedtime and rock them gently to sleep. Travel cots are designed to be easy to put up and take down so you won’t have to take time out of your precious family holiday to put it together. The best travel cots are lightweight, compact and come in a handy travel bag so you can take it with you on every trip and sleepover. 

Choosing the best travel cot

Our range of travel cots from reputable brands like Joie and Maxi Cosi will give you peace of mind that your baby has a bed as safe and comfortable as a cot or cot bed to sleep in whilst travelling. Whether it’s to see Grandma and Grandpa, or a weekend away, you can take a travel cot anywhere and everywhere.

Here we have selected a few travel cots that we think make excellent travel companions. 

Joie Excursion Change & Bounce Travel Cot 

The Joie Excursion Travel Cot is ideal for families who enjoy travelling. This is a road trip ready travel cot with portable, pop-off toppers, a portable changing table and a snoozing seat to make life easier when travelling with a baby. This handy travel cot folds into a compact parcel with a carry handle so it is easy to transport. 

The Excursion is suitable from birth to 15kg, has a secure frame with mesh sides and a spacious bassinet. The snoozing seat works both on or off the cot and converts into a portable rocking unit when used on the floor. It features soft, cosy fabrics and even has a light and sound attachments with 2-speed settings and 5 classic lullabies to calm your babe to sleep. 

Maxi Cosi Swift 3-in-1 Travel Cot 

We’re pleased to introduce the impressive Maxi Cosi Swift, a travel cot that can be used as a newborn bassinet, a cot or a sturdy playpen. At only 7kg, this is the lightest of its kind. With a one-second folding mechanism, the Swift can be quickly put up and put down again without a fuss.  

The Swift grows with your baby from birth through to 3.5 years of age. This 3-in-1 travel cot has a unique two-stage mattress that unzips and resizes to fit the bassinet, providing a smaller and cosier mattress ideal for newborns. As your baby grows, the mattress zips back together to create a larger, super-comfy space for playtime or a well-deserved nap. 

Kinderkraft Sofi Bedside Travel Cot with Playpen

The Kinderkraft Sofi 4-in-1 cot was created in response to the needs of active parents who like to travel and enjoy the value of practical, multi-tasking products. It can be used right from birth until 3 years of age or 15kg. It serves as a crib, classic cot, playpen and travel cot so it can be used as the only cot your little one needs both home and away. 

In addition to this, the Soft folds and unfolds in under 5 seconds, without the use of tools to remove any components. Three of the four sides are made from mesh so you can always see your child whether they’re sleeping or playing. 

This brilliant cot has a rocking function so you can gently rock your little baby to sleep, thanks to the specially designed legs that can be transformed from non-rocking legs to curved legs in just two simple moves. 

As you now know, some travel cots have more than one function and they’re super-handy to take with you on holiday or for those precious evenings when your baby is having a sleepover. They are comfortable, safe and provide your cherub with a place to sleep and play away from their usual cot. 

How to put a travel cot up

Travel cots are all designed differently, meaning they all need to be put up in different ways. However, for the best travel cots, no tools are needed and it usually only takes a few seconds. After all, the purpose of travel cots is that they’re portable and easy to use. 

For example, the Kinderkraft Soft Bedside travel cot is ready to use in under 5 seconds by following these steps: 

  1. Take it out of the bag and lay it on the floor, legs facing upwards
  2. Pull out one of the legs and click it into place, then the other
  3. Flip it around to stand up and the mesh bassinet and playpen will naturally unfold. 

And that’s it! It’s now ready to use. To collapse, do the same in reverse and it’s as easy as that. 

For the Mazi Cosi Swift 3-in-1 Travel cot, follow these simple instructions to put it up: 

  1. Take it out of the zipped bag
  2. Stand the cot on the floor
  3. Pull the sides upwards from the bottom to fully unfold and click into place- this only takes 1 second! 

Make sure when you choose a travel cot that it can be easily put up and down in seconds. The last thing you need when you’re on holiday or dropping your little one off at their grandparents’ house for the evening is to spend time putting together a complicated travel cot. 

Frequency asked questions

Now you know all about what a travel cot is, the different options available plus their innovative features as well as how easy they are to assemble, here we have the answers to some of your other frequently asked questions about travel cots. 

Do travel cots come with mattresses?

Yes, most travel cots come with a mattress, but always check first before purchasing because if it doesn’t, it will cost you more money to buy one. However, it’s rare to come across a travel cot that doesn’t have a mattress included. The three examples given above all come with an appropriate mattress. 

The most important thing to remember is that babies need to sleep on a firm mattress, so make sure you’re choosing a travel cot with a comfortable but firm surface to sleep on. So if you’re wondering why travel cot mattresses or cot mattresses in general are so firm, safety is the reason.

Can you take a travel cot on a plane? 

This will depend on the type of travel cot you have and the airline you’re flying with. If your travel cost is small and light enough to act as hand luggage then there is no reason to suggest that you cannot take it on a place, as long as you don’t go over your hand luggage limit. 

Otherwise, you can always pack your travel cot away with the rest of your luggage to go in the holding area of the plane. Always speak to the airline before travelling to find out what the requirements are and if you can take it with you. In most cases, it shouldn’t be a problem to travel with your compact cot in a bag. 

We hope you feel more confident now in choosing the right travel cot for you. Make sure you choose one that is easy to put up and take down, has mesh sides for ventilation, is multi-functioning and small and lightweight so it’s easy to travel with. 

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