Your Guide to Travelling with a Newborn

Jetting off does not have to stop when you join the parent club. The thought of holidaying with your newborn may send you into panic mode. Granted, travelling will not be as easy as it was pre-baby. However, with the right tips and tricks, it can still be an enjoyable experience for everyone.

When is my baby old enough to travel?

Travelling can resume soon after your baby arrives into the world. If flying, some airlines permit air travel when they are as little as two days old. Though, others require newborns to be at least two weeks old.Medics advise waiting until your baby’s immune system is more built up before flying, which could typically be anywhere between 3-6 months old.  It is important to remember there are other things to think about such as a passport, and depending on where you are travelling, a visa for your child. Generally, your little one will make a great travel buddy if they are getting all the cuddles, security and feeding they need.

travelling with a baby

Tips and tricks

You will not be able to pack as lightly now you have a new addition to the family, so prepping is key. Some useful tips and tricks will help to keep your bag from overflowing.

  1. Pack Extra Supplies

Always pack extra baby supplies! When on the move with your tot, you will need twice as many diapers, clothes, and baby food. Make sure you always have a pack of wipes at hand, they are every parent’s best friend, for the messy mishaps that will take place.

  1. Bring Some Toys

Keeping your newborn happy during the journey whether it be long or short could be a task. The movement and unfamiliar setting may be unsettling for them. Toys are a great way to keep them amused and distracted. An unbreakable mirror is a great form of entertainment, babies are fascinated by their own reflection. You can also take along black, white, and red toys, if you want the journey away to be a learning experience for your newborn. Such colours support your baby in recognising the variations in shapes and patterns, accelerating their visual progress.

  1. Consider Packing a Sling

A sling will save your life. It is a useful addition to your travel checklist. Your baby will be totally relaxed, perched up in the sling and it means you have your hands free. You can use one hand to get to passports and baby supplies, whilst the other can be used to roll along your baggage.


  • Drinks and snacks
  • Toys
  • Nappies, nappy rash cream, wipes and changing mat
  • Extra clothes
  • Lightweight buggy
  • A baby sling
  • A travel cot
  • First-aid kit
  • Sunhat and sun cream
  • Extra blankets
  • Extra bibs
  • Bottles

How to put up a travel cot

Babies spend most of their time sleeping during their first two years. So, it is crucial to get their sleeping environment right. Travel cots have been produced so that they are easy to assemble, making a wonderful accessory for holidays. Having your own handy, transportable bed for your newborn means they will become familiarised with their sleeping environment wherever you stay. A top tip before going on holiday is to practice getting your baby to sleep in the travel cot. So, when you are away, napping troubles will be one less thing to worry about.

You may be wondering how to put up a travel cot and how fold a travel cot down. However, with the Red Kite Sleep Tight Travel Cot, no assembly is required which makes it a great addition to your travel essentials list. Once you are done with it, you just simply fold it downwards. Putting up and folding down most travel cots is very straightforward. Many click into place by pulling apart the legs and you are good to go. To ensure your little one is as safe as possible in their haven away from home, make sure the cot corresponds with the British Safety Standards.

Make sure to take additional supplies so that you are ready for any accidents. Lots of toys, cuddles and regular feeding will ensure the tantrums stay well away whilst travelling. Remember, when you start stressing about how to fold a travel cot down, do not panic, they have been designed for your ease! With the help of the tips and tricks above and lots of preparation, a holiday with your newborn will be an exciting experience for all.

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