Everything You Need to Know About Balance Bikes for All Ages

There is no greater joy than watching your child learn, play and have fun. Seeing their little face light up as they take on new challenges is the greatest gift a parent can have. Learning to ride a bike is an exhilarating experience for children, it’s a skill that lasts a lifetime and provides precious memories and it all starts with a balance bike.

We have provided a list of our favourite balance bikes as well as information about each one and what age they’re best for. At Kiddie’s Kingdom, we have a range of balance bikes to start every child off on their exciting bike riding journey.

What are balance bikes?

Giving your child the gift of a bike at an early age supports their development and offers endless opportunities for family time and fun. So, where to start? With a balance bike, of course!

You’ve probably noticed how popular balance bikes have become in recent years. Parents are turning to these adorable, innovative bikes for young children as a perfect introduction to a two-wheel pedal bike.

With a balance bike, children learn independent cycling skills far sooner than they do with a traditional pedal bike because they don’t need to master so many complicated skills at once. Balance bikes focus mainly on developing balance, coordination and motor skills such as braking and steering, so when the time comes to transition to a fully-functioning bigger bike with brakes, gears and chains, it becomes much easier for them. 

Balance bikes for 1-year-olds


Here we have curated a list of our favourite balance bikes for a 1-year-old. These are great introductions to bikes and can even support your child when they’re learning to walk because most children start by holding onto the bike, standing beside it and pushing it along. 

Hape First Ride Balance Bike 

Hape First Ride Balance Bike is a great first bike to begin your little one’s bike-riding adventures. It has a lightweight design and an adjustable seat with a soft, comfortable surface. The bike also features flexible wheels that won’t scratch your floor because this balance bike is suitable indoors and outdoors. 

The Hape First Ride Balance Bike is easy to assemble and no tools are necessary. The seat’s height can be adjusted so your little rider can reach the floor. It can even be adjusted horizontally too so it fits your child’s arm length for the perfect riding posture. The wheels are made of TPU foam, which is soft and flexible and the frame is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy, making it easy to handle. 

This brilliant balance bike is suitable from 1 year old up until around 3 years old (or 25kg). This bike would make the perfect first birthday present. 

Chicco Balance Bike 

Chicco Balance Bike is suitable from around 18 months old and is the ideal first bike that helps little explorers develop the necessary balance on two wheels. Acting as a secure stepping stone to a real pedalled bike, this balance bike has grippy handlebars, a soft non-slip saddle and anti-puncture wheels. 

The Chicco Balance Bike has an adjustable seat and handlebar to promote the correct posture when riding. It is designed to imitate a fully-functioning bike for easy transition when they’re ready and it’s made from an ultra-light frame with a cool design. 

Kinderkraft Cutie Balance Bike

Kinderkraft Cutie Balance Bike is a mini tricycle that combines a unique, modern design with a safe structure. It has all the benefits of a balance bike and tricycle in one. The Cutie is designed perfectly for the youngest explorers as it’s suitable from 12 months old, making it the ideal gift for a 1-year-old. 

The non-slip handles are made of TPR rubber to ensure your miniature rider has a firm grip. Weighing only 1.8kg, this bike makes life easier for parents when carrying and transporting. The puncture-resistant foam wheels and height-adjustable seat make riding a comfortable and smooth experience. With the Kinderkraft Cutie, every walk can be an unforgettable, fun experience. 

Balance bikes for 2-year-olds


Next, we have the best balance bikes for a 2-year-old, which are a little more robust and have additional features to protect your toddler from falling. 

Hauck 1st Ride Bike 

Hauck 1st Ride Bike makes it possible for little riders to join in with family cycling sessions. With tilt-proof, ride-on wheels, your adventurous 2-year-old will learn steering, driving and braking motions using just their legs and arms. This bike is ideal for a 2-year-old and they can continue to enjoy it until they reach around 20kg. 

The tilt-proof feature makes it great for a boisterous 2-year-old as it provides them with additional safety. The ergonomic seat makes it easy for them to climb on and off themselves to promote independence. The plastic wheels are durable and long-lasting so don’t be afraid to let your mini cyclist ride over bumpy terrain. 

Kinderkraft Uniq Balance Bike

Kinderkraft Uniq Balance Bike is designed specifically for 2-year-olds, making it the ultimate balance bike for this age. With an adjustable saddle mounted on a metal bracket and a solid, safe structure made of birch wood, this bike will serve your child for many adventures to come. The bike is lightweight and has two convenient carrying handles making it easy to transport so you can take it anywhere you want! 

The handlebar lock limits the turning angle when your 2-year-old is feeling extra spontaneous and prevents them from overturning and falling over. The Uniq is aptly named as it is a one-of-a-kind with original print on the frame and carefully finished details. 

Balance bikes for 3-year-olds


Got a 3-year-old or a little one’s 3rd birthday coming up? These balance bikes are for you. 

Hape New Explorer Balance Bike 

Hape New Explorer Balance Bike is a great toy to introduce your child to the world of biking. This stylish beginner bike is ready to take on many adventurous strolls and is ideal for first-time riders. Featuring an ergonomic seat and frame geometry, you can easily adjust the seat and handlebar to the correct position to promote the right posture when cycling. 

Crafted with a durable magnesium alloy base, this trusted toy will last for a number of years as your child grows. See your child learn, grow and enjoy being active with our Hape New Explorer Balance Bike.

Globber Go Bike Elite 

Globber Go Bike Elite teaches your child balance, coordination and the essential motor skills needed to ride a bigger bike once they’re ready. The robust composite frame has an integrated carry handle for easy transportation and maximum use. It’s quick and easy to adjust the bike as your little one grows, thanks to the 100% toolless design. 

The Globber also has a built-in footrest on the frame for when your child needs it, making it great for longer rides. This bike is complete with 10” TPE wheels, curved handlebars and an ergonomic grip, all for maximum comfort. 

Balance bikes for 4-year-olds

These balance bikes for a 4-year-old are more advanced. Here are the bikes we think are best suited to those who are transitioning from toddler to child and want something a little fancier. 

Kinderkraft 3 in 1 4TRIKE

Kinderkraft 3 in 1 4TRIKE is an innovative folding tricycle and it’s the perfect companion for playtime out in the fresh air. The 4TRIKE combines three products in one, a mini pusher bike, a mini balance bike and a tricycle with pedals meaning your mini explorer can adapt the bike to their needs as they grow. 

Thanks to the aluminium frame, it’s lightweight, making it easy to carry when your little one wants to discover their environment without it. You can easily hold the special handle on the handlebar and take it with you whilst running after your 4-year-old. When it’s time to return home, you can easily fold the bike into a compact size and put it into the basket of your pushchair, bag or car. 

Balance bikes for 5-year-olds

Here is the ultimate balance bike that is super special and makes a brilliant present for your 5-year-old, one that can be passed down through the generations. 

Roma Bentley Balance Bike 

Last but not least we have the Roma Bentley Balance Bike, designed in partnership with Bentley Motors Ltd. Our Bentley Balance Bike embodies the same attention to detail and unique style that the company is famous for. The magnesium frame draws inspiration from the sleek lines of Bentley vehicles, making it an extra-special toy for your 5-year-old. 

The bike boasts an engraved Bentley logo, eco-leather seats and carbon pattern front spokes that imbue the luxurious heritage of the Bentley brand. It has been meticulously engineered to provide a comfortable, safe and effortlessly stylish ride for your little one. Despite being lightweight and easy to handle, the frame can support up to 35kg, so it is suitable from 3 years old and will keep them happy for years to come.

So there you have it, everything there is to know about our favourite balance bikes and which of them are suitable for different age groups. Happy riding, we know your mini rider will love it!

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