How To Collapse Tutti Bambini Products: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Collapse Tutti Bambini Products A Step-By-Step Guide

Tutti Bambini is a family-run business, and this really comes across in their products. They want to support new mummies and daddies into the adventure of parenthood, and they understand what you need to make things a little easier. 

Tutti Bambini nursery furniture is elegant, innovative and safe, and they’re practical too, including easy collapsible features. We’re here to show you how to collapse or disassemble some of the most popular Tutti Bambini products and to tell you all about them. 

Tutti Bambini cribs 

Tutti Bambini bedside cribs are designed to help develop that special bond with your baby using a drop-side rail feature so that you can be near one another during sleep time. Your little darling will be close enough to you for feeding and cuddling but safe and sound in their own bed. 

With a Tutti Bambini Bedside Crib, you get an easy, 30-second open-and-close feature, perfect for busy families and those who like to move around and travel easily. Here is how to collapse our popular bedside crib, the Tutti Bambini CoZee bedside crib, and the CoZee crib variations. 

Tutti Bambini CoZee bedside crib 

  1. Detach the crib from the bed
  2. Remove the shelf
  3. Zip up the side
  4. Locate the button on either side of the crib
  5. Press the buttons and pull the legs outwards
  6. Place the legs neatly inside the crib as it’s flat on the floor
  7. Put the shelf on top
  8. Everything can go back in the carry bag

Tutti Bambini CoZee AIR beside crib 

The Tutti Bambini CoZee AIR Bedside Crib is cleverly designed with a second mesh window and breathable mattress to disperse heat and moisture away from your baby. It also comes with a roll-down curtain to stop airflow during colder nights, so it is ideal for all seasons and climates, making it the perfect crib at home and away. The AIR collapses in the same easy breezy way as the original CoZee bedside crib. 

Tutti Bambini CoZee LITE bedside crib

The Tutti Bambini CoZee LITE bedside crib is another variation of the CoZee crib crew. This crib is made from steel, unlike the original CoZee and the AIR, which are made of aluminium and have a powder-coated frame rather than all wood for a contemporary finish. The LITE collapses in the say quick and convenient way as the CoZee original and the AIR. 


Tutti Bambini Nova Evolutionary highchair

Tutti Bambini Nova Evolutionary Highchair

A highchair is an essential piece of your baby kit, ready for the weaning stage at around 6 months old, and Tutti Bambini has a perfect choice. 

Meet the Tutti Bambini Nova Evolutionary Highchair, the ultimate highchair and the only one you will ever need, as it’s suitable from 6 months up to around 12 years. This practical highchair has an outstanding 7 different modes that can be used to suit your baby’s needs. If you want a multi-functioning, cost-effective, good-quality highchair, this is the one for you. 

The Tutti Bambini Nova Evolutionary Highchair acts as a highchair, low chair, booster seat, toddler chair, rocking chair, kids chair or a mini table with a chair for playtime. It is ideal for families that want a chair with various uses that neatly packs away as one unit, helping to keep your home tidy and clutter-free. So, how can the Nova Evolutionary high chair be collapsed? 

The Tutti Bambini Nova Evolutionary highchair is as easy to collapse with a click and can be done in 30 seconds. Everything unclips and fits nicely in a bag. Depending on the mode you’re using will depend on which steps you need, but the legs, headrest, seat and tray table all unclip from the frame. 

  1. Click the button on the legs to remove the bottom half of the legs (you may have already done this if you’re using the chair in toddler or low chair mods)
  2. Click the button on either side of the trap table to remove
  3. Unclip the headrest from the seat and the seat from the frame
  4. Neatly put it away in the bag provided. 

To add 5 modes to your highchair’s functionality, choose the Tutti Bambini Nova rocker, which is compatible with the highchair. Simply attach and detach in a second using the click and unclip method.

These can be purchased as a Tutti Bambini highchair rocker bundle for multi modes from birth. Or, for even more seating options for both you and your baby, have a look at our Tutti Bambini nursing chairs. They are designed to be wide enough for you and your little darling to snuggle on, and they’re the perfect addition to any warm and welcoming nursery. 

Tutti Bambini cot beds

Tutti Bambini Lucas Sleigh Cot Bed

Tutti Bambini cot beds like the Tutti Bambini Lucas are beautifully designed with practical functions. They are made with the highest quality and safety and make the perfect addition to any nursery. Good enough for miniature princes and princesses, the Tutti Bambini Cot Beds combine comfort and elegance, and when coupled with a cot bed fitted sheet, your little angel is in for the best night’s sleep. 

Cot beds are long-lasting because they transform from cots suitable for birth into toddler beds when they are a little older. Cot beds allow you to get more out of your nursery furniture, with some, like the Tutti Bambini Modena cot bed and the Malmo cot bed, suitable for up to 6 years. Tutti Bambini Cot Beds can be bought independently or as a nursery furniture set.

Unlike the Tutti Bambini cribs, the cot beds are designed to be a more permanent fixture, meaning they aren’t collapsible and come flat-packed, so you will need to disassemble them to take them down. 

To disassemble once your baby is a big boy or girl,  you will need an Allen key or a screwdriver to remove all screws. Depending on the mode you have your cot bed in, you will need to remove the mattress support base and all sides. 

All Tutti Bambini products are designed to be convenient and versatile, making them easy to assemble, collapse and disassemble. Not only will your precious little angel enjoy the products, but we know you will too. 

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