How To Set Up and Assemble Tutti Bambini Products: A Step By Step Guide

How To Set Up and Assemble Tutti Bambini Products A Step By Step Guide

Tutti Bambini nursery furniture is adorable, and easy to see why it is so popular. Tutti Bambini is a family-run business that understands parents’ challenges with setting up baby products, so they design furniture that is easy to assemble and a joy to have in your house too. 

Not only is their furniture easy to assemble, but they’re created to be versatile, add value and be super safe, with exactly what new parents need. Tutti Bambini nursery furniture is of the highest quality and helps you create a safe, warm and supportive environment that your little darling will love. 

Here is your step-by-step guide to some of Tutti Bambini’s most popular products, their cribs and cot beds, and how easy and simple they are to set up. 

Tutti Bambini cribs

Tutti Bambini CoZee AIR Bedside Crib

All Tutti Bambini bedside cribs are suitable from birth to 6 months, and from 6 months to 2 years they can be used as cot beds. If you want to get more use of your bed side crib, you can buy a CoZee expansion pack which will allow you to convert your CoZee bedside crib into a toddler/junior bed and sofa bed. They’re designed to help develop that special bond with your baby using a drop-side rail feature so that you can be near one another during sleep time. Your little darling will be close enough to you for feeding and cuddling but safe and sound in their bed. 

There are several variations of the Tutti Bambini cribs, including the CoZee LITE bedside crib and the CoZee AIR bedside crib. The LITE is made using aluminium rather than steel, like its sibling cribs, making it a lightweight option. The AIR is designed to control the airflow and is suitable for all seasons and cultures, making both CoZee cribs the perfect travel buddies. The AIR also comes ready to rock, with rocking bars on the base of the crib. 

With a Tutti Bambini Bedside Crib, you get an easy, 30-second open-and-close feature in any variation, making them super convenient. Here is your step-by-step guide to setting up your Tutti Bambini bedside crib: 

  1. Remove from the bag
  2. Extend the legs outwards from inside the crib
  3. Continue to extend the legs until they are standing firmly on the floor and click into place
  4. Attach the shelf underneath the crib
  5. If you’re using it as a bedside cot, adjust the height to align with your bed. 
  6. Attach the straps to the cot and fasten it to the bed, ensuring no gap between the bed and the cot. 
  7. Unzip the side so your baby can sleep close to you. 
  8. If you’re using it as a standalone cot, make sure all sides are zipped up, and there is no need to attach it to your bed. 
  9. Take advantage of the incline feature to help your baby sleep comfortably and relieve the symptoms of reflux and congestion.

Tutti Bambini cot beds

Tutti Bambini Modena Cot Bed - White and Oak

Cot beds are an alternative to bedside cots and are most popularly used when the baby is older and in their own room; however, they are suitable from birth and some, like the Tutti Bambini Modena cot bed and the Malmo cot bed, are suitable up to the age of 6. Cot beds are more of a permanent fixture, so they come flat-packed and must be built. 

Don’t worry, all Tutti Bambini cot beds are easy to build, and once assembled, there’s no need to do anything with them then until you convert them into a toddler bed. These cot beds even convert into sofa beds, like the Tutti Bambini Modena cot bed and Tutti Bambini Malmo cot bed, so once you have assembled the main frame of the cot bed, you will only need to make slight adjustments over the next 6 years as your needs change. 

We will use the beautiful and popular sleigh-shaped Tutti Bambini Lucas cot bed to explain how easy they are to assemble: 

  1. Open the pack to find the pieces and hardware
  2. Using an allen key and the correct components, attach the 3 of the sides
  3. Next, choose the right height for the mattress base and screw it in place. Note that the lowest setting should be used as soon as your little one is sitting 
  4. Then attach the 4th and final side to reveal a complete cot bed frame
  5. Make a drawer and attach it to the bottom of the crib 
  6. Add the mattress and beautiful bedding like this coverlet and cot bed fitted sheets for comfort and warmth. 

Tutti Bambini cot bed transformation

Once your bambino is 2 years old, you will want to change things a little. To convert your cot bed into a junior bed, use the extension pack to:

  1. Remove the sides and mattress base
  2. Assemble the mattress support bars 
  3. Attach the triangle supports to the 4 corners
  4. Reassemble the mattress base
  5. Put the mattress and bedding back on

Once your little one has outgrown their junior bed, the Tutti Bambini cot bed will still be a cute little sofa. When converting your junior bed into a sofa bed, simply reinstall one side panel for the back support.

Tutti Bambini highchair/bouncer

Tutti Bambini Nova Rocker

The Tutti Bambini highchair and bouncer bundle means your baby can access an astounding 11 different modes. With hardly any set-up needed, just a few clicks and you’re away; when partnered together, they’re suitable from birth to 12 years old! 

To set up the highchair: 

  1. Remove the legs and frame from the bag. 
  2. Attach the bottom half of the legs
  3. Attach the seat
  4. Add the headrest
  5. Slide on the adjustable tray 

To use the bouncer function with the highchair frame:

  1. Remove the bouncer from the handy carry bag
  2. Unfold the bouncer and click into the seat on the highchair
  3. Press the button on the legs to remove the bottom half for a smaller chair or leave them attached for a high chair. 
  4. For the low function, attach the rocking bars for a gentle rock. 

It really is as simple as click, click, click, and you’re little one can enjoy the seat in several different modes depending on their mood and needs. There couldn’t be a more versatile baby product! 

As you can see, Tutti Bambini products are designed to be easily set up and assembled, so you won’t need to wait very long from delivery or pick up to being able to use it with joy. Bedside cribs are up and ready with their 30-second unfold mechanism. Cot beds take a little building initially but can are designed for a quick change up for toddler bed or sofa mode. And last but not least, highchairs and rockers are click, click, click and done! 

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