How to Collapse a Cybex Stroller in a Few Simple Steps

Cybex is a trusted brand that makes high-quality baby products with top-notch functionality. Whether you’re going for a walk, popping into town or going on a big adventure, you can feel confident that you’re getting a safe, intuitive and stylish product that will adapt to your busy, on-the-go urban lifestyle. Cybex pushchairs and strollers come in various designs and colours that can either be purchased independently or as a complete travel system or Cybex pushchair bundle

So, they’re an excellent choice if you’re considering a Cybex stroller. In this post, we discuss some of the different Cybex stroller models and how to collapse them in just a few simple and easy steps, so you can see just how convenient and highly functional Cybex strollers are. The Cybex strollers all fold similarly with slight variations, so we have provided simple instructions for each model. 

Cybex Priam

The Cybex Priam rose gold pushchair, and the Cybex Priam chrome pushchair offer everything you need and more! The Priam pushchairs have a one-hand fold, height adjustable handlebar, a super lightweight aluminium frame and all-wheel suspension. 

The Cybex Priam is a stylish and popular pushchair that provides a smooth and comfortable journey for your little cherub as well as convenience for you. The reversible seat unit allows your child to face you so you can interact while out and about or face outwards so they can take in the world around them. 

How to collapse the Cybex Priam 

Fold your Cybex Priam in just a few seconds with these simple instructions: 

  1. Make sure the sun canopy is all the way back and tucked away nicely 
  2. Lift the lever at the back of the seat unit and push it all the way forward
  3. Press the button on the handle and put it down to reduce the size all the way down to the lowest position until you hear a click
  4. Push the rear wheels forward to align the stroller and make it more compact 
  5. Gently push on the seat unit until you hear a click to lock it in place 
  6. Lower your Priam to the ground and if you have your front wheel locks on, turn them off
  7. Turn the wheels so they sit comfortably plush with the stroller to protect them. 
  8. Then you’re good to go. Store the stroller away in the boot of the car for your next adventure with your miniature explorer. 

Cybex Balios

The Cybex Balios S Lux Taupe bundle, suitable from birth, comes with a stroller that makes the ideal adventure companion. It features all-terrain wheels and smooth suspension, so this pushchair is ready for anything. Go for a picnic on a sunny day and keep your baby protected with the XXL sun canopy; browse the shops with the spacious shopping basket or use it to store your essentials for a fun family day out. 

The Cybex Balios is convenient and easy to use, with a one-hand recline feature and a one-hand simple fold mechanism and can be used with the pushchair seat, carrycot or car seat for the ultimate travel system. Plus, it’s easy to clean with machine-washable fabrics, so you don’t need to worry about your little cherub having a snack on the go. 

How to collapse the Cybex Balios Stroller 

  1. Make sure the sun canopy is all the way back and tucked away nicely
  2. Press the button at the back of the seat unit and push it all the way forward 
  3. Slide over the top button on the handlebar and squeeze the button underneath and push the handlebars down to reduce 
  4. Fold the reduced handlebar down towards you 
  5. Push the handlebar all the way down to click into place
  6. You’re good to go! 

Cybex Mios

The Cybex Mios Black pushchair, suitable from birth, boasts a pushchair with new, innovative features that make it even more desirable for effortless travelling. The stroller frame is super lightweight and incredibly compact, perfectly complimented by the breathable mesh fabric of the seat unit; it’s ideal for travelling or for family days out in all weather conditions.

It has a simple one-pull harness system so that you can achieve precision fitting in seconds. Strap your little one in, and off you go on an adventure with the Cybex Mios. 

How to collapse the Cybex Mios stroller 

  1. Make sure the sun canopy is all the way back and folded away nicely
  2. Lift the lever on the back of the seat unit and push it all the way forward
  3. Press the button on the handlebar and push the top position of the bard forward into a forward fold
  4. Push the whole handlebar all the way down towards you to pack it away 
  5. You’re all done; it’s as easy as that. 

Cybex Beezy

The Cybex Beezy pushchair is the perfect, agile city pushchair for no fuss and convenient, breezy exploration with a little one. Suitable for newborns due to the lie-flat feature, your baby or toddler can ride in ultimate comfort with recline positions and adjustable leg rest. When you’re out and about, the sleek Cybex Beezy pushchair folds into an ultra-compact, self-standing package, using just one hand, that can easily be stored away in seconds. 

How to collapse the Cybex Beezy stroller 

  1. Push the button on the handle 
  2. In one fluid motion, push the handlebar forward to collapse the Beezy stroller down into a compact package
  3. Reach for the strap at the bottom of the stroller and attach it to the strap at the top to secure it in place. 
  4. And that’s it; it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! 

Cybex Libelle

The Cybex Libelle pushchair is super compact and opens in seconds with a simple unclip and unfold. It has one of the world’s smallest compact folds that’s hand luggage compliant, making it the perfect travel buggy. Lightweight enough to make carrying a breeze yet still comfortable for your little one, it makes travelling with a child effortless and enjoyable. 

How to collapse the Cybex Libelle stroller

  1. Push down on the two buttons on the handlebars
  2. Lean forward into the stroller and put it all down into a compact package
  3. One pushed down, lie it flat on the floor and push the sides in towards itself
  4. Connect to the white latch to keep everything together 
  5. Take this handy, compact Cybez stroller on a plane as hand luggage or take it with you on all your journeys with your little one. 

Cybex Gazelle 

This Cybex Gazelle bundle is incredibly versatile and long-lasting. It’s a great errand runner and day-to-day stroller, as it has a huge undercarriage basket and a detachable shopping basket too, so you don’t need to struggle when pushing a pram and doing your weekly food shop or browsing the high street. This clever pushchair can even convert from a single to a double in a matter of seconds. It grows with your family and provides endless opportunities with over 20 configurations. 

How to collapse the Cybex Gazelle

Since there are so many configurations of this ingenious stroller, we have given simple instructions on how to fold it when using 2 seat units, so you know how to fold it as a double and a single. 

For an upper forward-facing seat and a lower rear-facing seat: 

  1. Make sure the canopies are pushed all the way back and tucked away nicely
  2. Lift the upper stroller seat to the highest point so the calf support rests over the lower, rear-facing seat’s bumper bar
  3. Press the button on the handle and push it downwards to collapse the pram
  4. Lift the lower seat’s backrest into place. 

For two forward-facing seats: 

  1. Tuck the upper seat’s calf rest underneath the seat
  2. Fold the stroller frame as usual

Now you can see just as simple as easy it is to fold any Cybex pushchairs and can be done within a matter of seconds when on the go with a little one. 

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