Are Tutti Bambini Products Washable? Everything You Need To Know

Are Tutti Bambini Products Washable? Everything You Need To Know

One of the most important factors to consider when investing in baby products is durability and washability. It’s inevitable that they’re going to need regular cleaning with a little milk monster around, but you’re in luck with Tutti Bambini products as they can be easily cleaned, as long as you know how. Here is your handy guide, everything you need to know about washing Tutti Bambini’s most popular products, and a little information about each one too. 

Nursing chairs


Tutti Bambini nursing chairs provide the ultimate bonding experience with your little angel. They can be used during feeding time or for relaxing and cuddling in complete comfort. Tutti Bambini has a gorgeous selection of nursing chairs designed to create a lovely and cosy environment, with practical features, effortless comfort and a beautiful design. 

But all baby-related products are bound to need cleaning at some point, even if you’re super careful, so here is your guide to washing Tutti Bambini nursing chairs, featuring the Oscar, Noham and Glider nursing chairs. 


About Tutti Bambini nursing chairs 

The Tutti Bambini Oscar nursing chair is ergonomically designed to support you fully. It has a wide seat, so you and your baby can snuggle comfortably together against the soft touch of brushed fabric, and it has a gentle rocking feature. It has a plush cushion for additional back support to get comfortable with your bundle of joy in your arms. 

The Tutti Bambini Noah nursing chair is a contemporary take on a classic design with smooth curves and a lined backrest. This chair offers versatility as it has an additional oak leg to convert it into a static armchair. 

If you’re looking for ultimate comfort in a chair that doesn’t compromise on practicality, then the Tutti Bambini GC35 Glider nursing chair is the one for you. This chair offers full support and 3 recline positions. It has padded cushions to sink into and a gliding footstool to put your feet up. 

Are Tutti Bambini Products Washable Everything You Need To Know

How to clean Tutti Bambini nursing chairs 

Tutti Bambini chairs have been treated with Scotchgard, a product that repels stains and blocks liquid without damaging the product. If you’re having a lovely snuggle with your beautiful bambini during feeding and milk is accidentally spilt onto the fabric of the nursing chair, it shouldn’t be a problem if you remove it quickly. 

However brilliant this product is, it doesn’t stop liquid absorption completely but does slow it down. The product prevents liquids from absorbing into the fabric, reducing the likelihood of stains; therefore, it will rarely need cleaning apart from the occasional vacuum to remove crumbs and pet hair. For a spill, clean it by blotting the liquid with a paper towel immediately after the spill occurs. If you don’t get to the spillage in time, it will likely result in a stain. 

But don’t worry, if you do miss this magic window of time, get help from a professional cleaning company to remove the stain for you, as you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a stain-free product when they’re done with it, plus stains can be tricky, and you don’t want to damage the fabric or make the stain worse by doing it yourself. 

If you decide to machine wash the cushions on the nursing chair, choose a gentle setting and be aware that the Scotchgard protection will be affected; however, it can be purchased online and reapplied yourself. If you do want to have a go at washing it yourself, always read the product labels first and be gentle. Don’t use harsh chemicals that might discolour the fabric; always use soft sponges if cleaning by hand. 



Highchairs and rockers are magnets for spills and little accidents, but don’t let that stop you from allowing your little munchkin to explore their food or getting involved in messy play whilst in their seat. You’ll be happy to know that Tutti Bambini Nova highchair bouncer are easy to clean, super versatile and offer various seating options. 

About the Tutti Bambini Nova Evolutionary highchair 

Meet the Tutti Bambini Nova Evolutionary highchair, the ultimate highchair and the only one you will ever need, as it’s suitable from 6 months up to around 12 years. This practical highchair has an outstanding 7 different modes that can be used interchangeably to suit your baby’s needs. Combined with the Tutti Bambini bouncer, it is suitable for newborns and adds an extra 5 modes. If you want a multi-functioning, cost-effective, good-quality highchair, this is the one for you. 

The Tutti Bambini Nova Evolutionary highchair acts as a highchair, low chair, booster seat, toddler chair, rocking chair, kids chair or a mini table with a chair for playtime. It is ideal for families that want a chair with various uses that neatly packs away as one unit, helping to keep your home tidy and clutter-free. 

How to clean the Tutti Bambini Nova Evolutionary highchair 

This highchair is super convenient for keeping it clean. The Tutti Bambini Nova highchair and rocker comes with machine-washable, stain-resistant fabrics, so when the inevitable spills occur, dab it quickly with a paper towel or warm, damp cloth, and you’re golden. 

The removable top tray is dishwasher-safe, so you can wipe the big bits away and let a machine do the hard work. Simply clip the removable tray topper off the tray itself, throw it in the dishwasher and pop it back on so you don’t need to worry about your little mess maker eating or doing messy play activities in their highchair seat. 

Bedside cribs 

Does the Tutti Bambini CoZee Rock? Everything You Need to Know

While a bedside crib is mostly used for sleep and won’t be contaminated with as many spills as other baby products, you want your little gem to be in a safe and clean environment. It’s inevitable that your baby will spit up milk and dribble in their sleep as all other babies do, so just like your own bed, it’s a good idea to keep their sleeping environment fresh. Here is a little insight into the Tutti Bambini bedside cribs and how to clean them without a fuss.  

Tutti Bambini CoZee

With a Tutti Bambini bedside crib, you get an easy 30-second open-and-close feature, perfect for busy families and those who like to move around and travel easily. Cribs like the Tutti Bambini CoZee LITE bedside crib come with a travel bag and mattress, making these the perfect home-away-from-home for your travelling sleeper. 

The beautiful Tutti Bambini CoZee bedside crib has a useful incline function to keep your baby comfortable while helping to relieve congestion and reflux. All Tutti Bambini bedside cribs come with 6 height adjustments and webbing straps to easily attach the crib to your bed at the perfect height. Partnered with Tutti Bambini fitted sheets, and a soft cotton mattress protector, you’re setting your baby up for a lovely restful night’s sleep. 

The Tutti Bambini CoZee AIR bedside crib is cleverly designed with a second mesh window and breathable mattress to disperse heat and moisture away from your baby. It also comes with a roll-down curtain to stop airflow during colder nights. This crib is ideal for all seasons and climates and is the ultimate crib for home and travel. 

How to clean Tutti Bambini bedside cribs

With a Tutti Bambini bedside crib, it’s a breeze keeping them clean because the inner fabric can be machine washed at 30 degrees celsius, and the outer fabric can simply be wiped clean with a mild detergent and damp cloth. 

Remember to use gentle washing products as your baby’s skin is very sensitive and delicate. Try using unfragranced detergents or cleaning products specifically formulated for use on baby fabrics. 

How to clean a Tutti Bambini mattress

For the mattress, it’s recommended not to put it in the washing machine as it can compromise the structure of the mattress, but it can be sponged down with a gentle cleaning product and air-dried. Try using a mattress protector for any leaked nappies or spills. 

Now you know how easy it is to clean Tutti Bambini products. The brand is a family-run business that understands what parents need in their baby products. They create furniture that is not only versatile and beautifully made but practical, too, so you can clean Tutti Bambini products with ease. 

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