Does the Tutti Bambini CoZee Rock? Everything You Need to Know

Does the Tutti Bambini CoZee Rock? Everything You Need to Know

Tutti Bambini bedside cribs are designed to help develop that special bond with your baby using a drop-side rail feature so that you can be near one another during sleep time. Your little darling will be close enough to you for feeding and cuddling but safe and sound in their own bed.

The main question people ask about the Tutti Bambini bedside cribs is if they have a rocking feature, and the answer is yes, of course, just simply add rocking bars. Tutti Bambini designs gorgeous yet practical nursery furniture; they understand what parents need. The Tutti Bambini can be adapted to rock to help get your little precious angel off to a dreamful sleep. 

Here is your guide to the CoZee bedside cribs with everything you need to know about them, including the rocking feature. There are several different models in the CoZee bedside crib collection, all with the same handy features, plus a few extras with each individual model. 

Tutti Bambini CoZee bedside cribs

Tutti Bambini CoZee AIR Bedside Crib

The beautiful Tutti Bambini CoZee bedside crib has a useful incline function to keep your baby comfortable while helping to relieve congestion and reflux. All Tutti Bambini bedside cribs come with 6 height adjustments and webbing straps to easily attach the crib to your bed at the perfect height. Partnered with Tutti Bambini fitted sheets, and a soft cotton mattress protector, you’re setting your baby up for a lovely restful night’s sleep. 

These bedside cribs have an elegant design with delicate, soft curves and lines, and they come in a range of subtle, neutral shades and colours. The cribs are super convenient and have a storage shelf to keep your baby’s essentials neatly tidied away. They can also be used as a standalone crib by detaching the straps from the bed and closing the sides. 

Tutti Bambini CoZee LITE 

With a Tutti Bambini bedside crib, you get an easy 30-second open-and-close feature, perfect for busy families and those who like to move around and travel easily. The Tutti Bambini CoZee LITE bedside crib comes with a travel bag and mattress, making these the perfect home-away-from-home for your travelling sleeper. It is made of aluminium to keep it super lightweight, making moving it around easy peasy. 

Tutti Bambini CoZee AIR 

The Tutti Bambini CoZee AIR crib in oak and sterling silver already comes with rocking bars. Simply click the stationary legs off and attach the curved legs for a gentle rocking motion. The AIR is cleverly designed with a second mesh window and breathable mattress to disperse heat and moisture away from your baby. It also comes with a roll-down curtain to stop airflow during colder nights. This crib is ideal for all seasons and climates and is the ultimate crib for home and travel. 

Tutti Bambini CoZee XL

The Tutti Bambini CoZee XL is designed to grow with your baby and offers familiarity with their bedtime routine. Usually, cot beds last from birth to 6 months old, but this innovative, clever crib converts into a standalone cot, cot bed, toddler bed and even a sofa bed with the help of an extension pack. And guess what? Yes, it rocks, with the help of rocking bars. 

Tutti Bambini bedside crib rocking feature

cozee rocking bars

So, does the Tutti Bambini CoZee rock? Yes! Is there anything these beautiful cot beds can’t do? Well, they won’t feed your baby or magically put them to sleep for you; sorry about that. But yes, they rock, which will help send them off to sleep. 

The Tutti Bambini CoZee can either be stationary or in rocking mode with a simple change in the legs. Press the button halfway down the legs to release the bottom half and simply replace the stationary legs with the rocking bars, and off you go, rock and roll! 

Tutti Bambini also does crib coasters for a wheely good crib to make moving the crib around super easy. They can be attached and removed easily with a simple click on and off, and they also have a stop to make sure your little one is safe and stationary when sleeping. 

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