What Sheets Fit on the Tutti Bambini CoZee XL Cot Bed?


Cot beds are essential baby equipment, and many parents choose the Tutti Bambini CoZee cot bed and crib for its safety, comfort, convenience and style. Once you have chosen your cot bed, the next part is the exciting bit, dressing it! 

Choose a super soft fitted sheet and a lightweight, breathable blanket to give your super snoozer a comfortable place to relax all night long. The Tutti Bambini fitted sheets will make your baby feel comforted, protected, and warm. In this guide, we will tell you which fitted sheets are blankets are compatible with the Tutti Bambini CoZee cot bed. 

Tutti Bambini CoZee cribs

With a Tutti Bambini bedside crib, you get an easy, 30-second open-and-close feature, perfect for busy families and those who like to move around and travel easily. It has a useful incline function that can help aid congestion and reflux while keeping your bambino comfortable. All Tutti Bambini bedside cribs come with 6 height adjustments and webbing straps to easily attach the crib to your bed at the perfect height. Coupled with Tutti Bambini fitted sheets and a soft cotton mattress protector, you’re setting your baby up for a restful night’s sleep. 

The cribs are super convenient, offering a storage shelf to keep your baby’s essentials neatly tidied away. They can also be used as a standalone crib by detaching the straps from the bed and closing the sides. These cribs are elegant in design and come in various neutral and pastel colours. 

Tutti Bambini CoZee LITE

The Tutti Bambini CoZee LITE come with a travel bag and mattress, making these the perfect home-away-from-home for your travelling sleeper. This particular crib is lightweight because it is made out of aluminium instead of steel, so it is super easy to take anywhere with you. 

Tutti Bambini CoZee AIR

The Tutti Bambini CoZee AIR Bedside Crib is cleverly designed with a second mesh window and breathable mattress to disperse heat and moisture away from your baby. It also comes with a roll-down curtain to stop airflow during colder nights. This crib is ideal for all seasons and climates and is the ultimate crib for home and travel. 

Tutti Bambini CoZee XL

For a longer-lasting bedside crib, have a look at our Tutti Bambini CoZee XL, which grows with your baby. This innovative bedside crib is perfect for newborns to 6 months for close sleeping, but it can also be used as a standalone crib and a cot for when your little sweetheart grows into a bigger baby and is suitable until they’re 2 years old. Once they turn 2, this ingenious piece of furniture converts into a cot bed and later on into a sofa so that you will get years of use out of it. 

Tutti Bambini Cocoon bedside crib sheets

Tutti Bambini Cocoon Bedside Crib Starter Pack

These gorgeous Tutti Bambini Cocoon bedside crib sheets are compatible with all CoZee cribs. They’re made from 100% certified organic cotton and come in various beautiful designs, including cute little rabbits, our planet crib sheets and run wild crib sheets. These luxurious crib sheets stay put so your little one can sleep soundly on a smooth sheet all night long. 

The Tutti Bambini Cocoon, bedside crib sheets, are made with double seams for added strength and security, and they’re designed for easy washing too. They have an exceptional feel, are incredibly durable due to their strong fibre, and are simple and easy to fit for a wrinkle-free finish. 

These sheets are available to buy as a 2-pack or as part of a crib starter pack. The starter packs contain fitted sheet 2 fitted sheets and a cot bed coverlet. The cot bed coverlets are made from sustainable bamboo cotton with 2.5 togs, making them suitable all year round as they’re designed to be a lightweight alternative to traditional duvets. 

The coverlets are made with a wider fit and longer length than the cribs and cot beds, so they can be used to tuck around your little one, making them snuggle and get ready for bed. The run wild collection, the quilted coverlet, has exuberant colours and adorable wildlife motifs, making it just as cute as the baby cuddled up against it. 

Tutti Bambini CoZee bedside crib sheets

Made from extra soft, breathable cotton, these sheets are the ideal partner for your CoZee crib. They are super soft, perfect for sensitive, delicate baby skin, and look lovely on your freshly dressed CoZee crib. 

The Tutti Bambini CoZee bedside crib sheet starter set contains 2 fitted sheets for the washing cycle and a Tutti Bambini jersey blanket. The lightweight, all-season, breathable blanket is reversible with a plain and patterned side. The lovely blanket, a soft sheet and a plush mattress on a CoZee bedside crib are a perfect recipe for a good, restful, comfortable sleep for your little angel. 

For more ideas on accessories for the CoZee cot beds, have a look at our Tutti Bambini CoZee crib castors which allow you to move your crib around easily, and our bassinet accessories to change your cot bed legs into easy and gentle rockers. 

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