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Children’s Days in August

As we reach the eighth month of the year, it’s good to know that there are still plenty of Children’s Days to be celebrated globally. As our children enjoy the summer holidays, children elsewhere are enjoying unique celebrations during their national Children’s Days – in August, our attention turns to four South American countries.

First Sunday in August


Although officially on January 6th, it is customary for Children’s Day in Uruguay to be held in August, to prevent the event coinciding with the celebration of Epiphany. Events are usually held in August, but presents can be given by parents to their children on either or both of the days. Shops in the country usually gift children with sweets and other snacks if they come in with their parents.

10th August


El Día del Niño is dedicated to children of all ages in Argentina. It is a much anticipated day for kids as its traditional to buy them new games and toys. Usually celebrated on the third Sunday in August, the 2014 event has been moved to the 10/08/14 at the request of toy sellers. Events and picnics are often sponsored by local businesses and the whole community enjoys the day.

August 16th


The 16th august is a special day in Paraguayan history as it commemorates the Battle of Acosta Ñu in the War of the Triple Alliance, when children had to defend their country. A national holiday, Children’s Day in Paraguay is a day of remembrance but also a day to celebrate childhood and to honour today’s children with activities and presents.

Third Sunday in August


On Día del Niño Peruano, kids are given gifts and are showered with affection by their parents. Shops up and down the land offer discounts on toys, games and clothes to help facilitate the celebrations for children from all backgrounds. Most events organised in school take place on the Friday before the actual day so everyone is there to take part!


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