Advansafix Pro: A Buyer’s Guide

Advansafix Pro A Buyer's Guide

Are you on the hunt for a new car seat that will transform the way your child travels? If so, look no further than the sleek Britax Römer Advansafix Pro!

Combining style, safety, and comfort, this trendy car seat is the perfect investment for any parent or guardian. In this complete buyer’s guide, we will look at the features that make this seat unique and share the benefits of choosing this model. Offering head to hip protection, this revolutionary car seat is the perfect investment to make if you want to spend out once for a long period of protective car travel. Keep reading to understand the features in more detail.

What Is The Britax Römer Advansafix Pro?

Before we start sharing the features and benefits of this fantastic car seat, let us first introduce the model to you. The Advansafix Pro is one of the newest seats available from the trusted manufacturer Britax Römer. It has been designed to support a child throughout most of their car travel needs. The seat has also recently won a converted iF Design Award due to its versatility and enhanced safety.

Just like the wider Britax Römer collection, this car seat has been created to seamlessly blend together comfort and practicality needs. The result is a long-lasting, durable and trendy car seat which is simple to install plus intended to be compatible with many vehicles. 

What Are The Benefits of Choosing The Advansafix Pro?

Advansafix Pro A Buyer's Guide

The true grandeur of this car seat is showcased when looking at the benefits available. This seat ticks all of the boxes, offering an elevated travel experience for many growth stages. Below we have gathered some of the main advantages. 

Timeless Design With Plenty of Choices

Firstly, the trendy yet timeless design of the Advansafix Pro which meets the needs of a variety of style preferences.

Finished with an easy-to-clean fabric, this seat boasts a luxurious padded design that will look right at home, even in the most modern of vehicles. The plush design is available in an impressive choice of seven colours, allowing parents to choose a seat that represents their personality and style preferences. The available tones are Space Black, Midnight Grey, Jade Green, Dusty Rose, Night Blue, Atlantic Green and Galaxy Black. The seat features a robust black plastic surround adding enhanced peace of mind for parents that their tiny travellers are safe. 

Design is essential when choosing a car seat suitable for children of varying ages. You want something that will be suitable as your child grows. Advansafix effortlessly achieves this.

Versatile Age Range Means Better Value for Money

One of the main benefits of this car seat is that it’s suitable for children aged between 15 months and 12 years. This equates to a height range of 76 – 150 CM, which is ideal for parents who don’t want to keep spending money on new car seats as their child grows. 

This is made possible thanks to the innovative stowable harness, which allows the seat to be converted from a toddlers 5-point design to a childs 3-point one. The latter is essential for taller children as it means they can use the seat in a booster capacity with support from the built-in car seat belts. The seat is not suitable for rear facing, hence 15 months being the earliest recommended age, but it is adjustable to meet all needs for future ages proving that it’s a worthy investment for savvy parents to make. 

Easy To Fit and Secure Once Installed For Enhanced Peace of Mind

Another benefit of the Britax Römer Advansafix Pro is that it’s i-Size compatible, meaning it’s not only legal to use in the UK but also simple to install. Installation must take place via an ISOFIX top tether, and ISOFIX latches up to 105 cm, after which you can convert the seat to a high back booster and disengage the Top Tether. Using it in a purely belted capacity is also an option in High Back Booster mode.

As you will know if you have read our article about the UK’s car seat regulations, children up to the age of 12 must be secured in a seat. This model makes that possible, as it can be easily installed regardless of the configuration or adjustability settings that have been selected.

Furthermore, as the seat only weighs 10kg it’s easy to move around and install. This is important for solo parents or if you plan on needing to move the car seat between vehicles from time to time. 

Reclining Feature For Even More Comfort

Further proving that comfort has been optimised in this car seat, the model can recline from active to relax and snooze modes. This is ideal if the car seat is being used by a sleepy passenger who would like to take a nap. The recline is easy to adjust and stays firm in position even once it has been moved to stop the seat from moving around in other scenarios. The best part is this feature can be enjoyed by children of any age which is not always the case for older children in high back booster configurations.

How Does The Advansafix Pro Ensure Safety For Travellers of All Ages?

Advansafix Pro A Buyer's Guide

Another standout benefit of the Britax Römer Advansafix Pro is that safety is woven into many of the features. Keeping a baby or young passenger safe can be a stressful task, but not when you have the right type of car seat to facilitate their travel. 

Advanced Side Impact Cushion Technology (SICT) gives this seat its name. This feature reduces the force of a side impact by 40% plus keeps a child secure in their seat during accidents.  Further support from the XP Pad, a built in shock-absorbing foam, protects the neck and chest even during severe frontal impacts by 30%. Additional protection is also available from the SecureGuard feature, which keeps the lap belt in an optimal position to provide defence for the torso area,  thereby reducing abdominal forces by 35%

Another safety and comfort enhancing feature is the protective headrest which again protects from collisions. This has a unique V-shape to limit movement which is especially helpful for young passengers. Additionally, the headrest and chest straps can be adjusted together or separately allowing a perfect fit to be achieved. This is important for safety as it means as a child grows, all features can remain fully effective. 

It is also important to note that the seat is i-Size approved meaning it’s R129 tested. This represents some of the best safety testing available which proves how much of a worthy investment this car seat provides.

What Accessories Are Compatible With The Advansafix Pro?

Another reason that the Britax Römer Advansafix is also a great car seat to select is because it’s compatible with a range of supporting accessories. Each is designed to work seamlessly together to improve safety and travel experiences for small travellers. 

The EZ-cling Sun Shade is also recommended for use with this seat. Fitting firmly to vehicle windows, the cover prevents any UV rays from reaching a child. This not only protects them from sun damage but keeps them to regular body temperatures whilst travelling. 

A car seat protector is also available in the collection. This fits securely to the regular car seat and prevents the child’s seat from slipping. This also prevents any damage affecting the car’s seats as issues such as scratching and rubbing can sometimes be experienced. Similarly, a full car seat cover is also available which prevents the seating area but also the back of the seat for even more coverage. 

Finally, a seat organiser is available to purchase. This helps parents keep their vehicles tidy and allows items to be within easy reach that are intended to provide travel entertainment. With plenty of different pockets and hooks, the organiser is extremely versatile and simple to install as it simply fits onto the seat in front. 

Where can The Advansafix Pro Be Purchased From?

Advansafix Pro A Buyer's Guide

After reading this complete guide, you should now understand the benefits of choosing the Britax Römer Advansafix Pro car seat. With its stunning design and safety features that will put any parents mind at rest, we think it’s a no-brainer. Also, as it is intended for use by a large age range, you can get the ultimate value for money, only needing to spend once on a car seat for children aged between 15 months and 12 years. 

You can now pick up the Advansafix car seat from Kiddies Kingdom online by clicking this link.

We offer the full collection at an affordable price and additional car seat products to help you completely kit out your child’s travel conditions. Furthermore, we offer unique support if you visit our showroom, as we can help you not only choose the best seat for you but also install it safely in a vehicle. 

If you have any other questions or would like to book to come in and visit the team, contact us now.

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