The Best Gift Hamper Ideas for Birthdays and Newborns

The Best Gift Hamper Ideas for Birthdays and Newborns

Choosing the perfect gift for someone special can be a tough task. You want to find something that is thoughtful but also practical. The solution? Gift hampers!

Our complete products eliminate the need for worrying about what to put in a gift hamper, as the hard work has been done for you. They make perfect presents for baby showers, newborn gifts, and even birthday treats for growing children. 

In this article, we will explore the best baby hamper gifts, let you know why these are a brilliant solution and share some of our products that are available to purchase now. Afterall, choosing a gift for a newborn or older child is an important decision to get right as every little person is completely individual. Keep reading if you want to put a smile on the face of both the parent and recipient with the perfect gift hamper. 

Why Is A Gift Hamper A Good Idea For Children’s Birthdays And For Celebrating Newborns?

Considering that the average UK adult buys 32 gifts per year¹, having a good idea of what items make the best presents is essential for saving time and money. At Kiddies Kingdom, we love helping people choose the best gifts for children and parents as we know how much these kind gestures can help. 

Whether you are planning the perfect gift for a baby shower or need something for a child’s birthday, a gift hamper makes a brilliant solution. Below we have gathered a few reasons as to why these complete sets can put a smile on the faces of both the young and old.

Save Money Versus Buying Items Individually

One of the reasons we think gift hampers make a brilliant gift is that you can often save money when compared to buying individual items. This also offers an additional benefit to those who do not have children, as it means you can buy something with confidence even with no childcare knowledge. 

Considering that 44% of adults² say they are reducing budgets on gift buying due to the cost of living crisis, we believe this is an advantage that will appeal to many. Also, when buying a gift hamper you should consider that you’ve not had to pay out on additional wrapping items. Instead, you just pay one price and a ready-to-give gift is available.

Choose A Collection Of Useful Items

Are you wanting to make an impact with your gift but unsure what to put in a baby hamper? This concern is eliminated when buying a ready-made hamper, as the hard work has been done for you. This means that purchasing a complete set of toys and practical gifts is simple. The best part is that it looks like you have made more effort than you actually have, plus parents will be genuinely happy to receive the items included.

Also, due to the selection of items that gift hampers include, there is always a high chance that parents will not already have some or all of the items. This will mean your gift makes even more of an impact!

Visually Appealing And Fun To Open

One of the main reasons that hampers make such great gifts is that they don’t need to be wrapped. The presentation of a hamper is part of the gift and lots goes into achieving the perfect look which you will know if you have ever researched how to make a gift hamper. 

A gift hamper for a baby or child will be exciting to look at for both the recipient and their parent. From colour themed arrangements to bespoke designed gift wrap, hampers come in many different forms all of which make a real statement. 

Thoughtful And Show That You Care

Lastly, a jam-packed gift hamper is a thoughtful gift and shows that you genuinely care about giving something that will help a baby, child or their parent. With hampers available for all ages from baby months 1-3 to older children, choosing a present which is thoughtful and useful is simple to do with a gift hamper.

Parents and children will also likely use the contents of a hamper over a period of time meaning they will be reminded of your special gift on many future occasions.

How To Choose The Best Hamper For A Birthday Or Newborn?

Before we share some of our top gift hamper ideas for birthdays and newborns, we also wanted to share a few of our tips for how to select the best option. These are as follows:

  • Understanding the recipient’s ages, likes, and preferences is a great way to match a hamper’s contents with the right person. For example, choosing a hamper with items suited to newborns won’t be helpful for an older child. Most hampers recommend ages, but if not, you should pay attention to factors such as milestones like teeth timelines, growth phases or areas of interest. 
  • Ensure that you understand a parent’s preferences, such as brands, products and dietary considerations. This means anything a child is given will align with how they are choosing to raise them.
  • Choose a budget and search for products based on this. There are many different types of hampers available which don’t mean you have to break the bank in the pursuit for the perfect gift.
  • Select something that is both useful and fun so that it appeals to both parents and their child. 
  • Finally, we recommend considering not just current needs but also future elements for a child. This will mean the gift hamper is literally a gift that keeps on giving, which everyone will appreciate!

What Types Of Gift Hampers Can You Select From?

Now, we wanted to share the best gift hamper ideas we have available on the Kiddies Kingdom website. Our mission is to provide a wide collection of products ideal for everything from the best Christmas items for a 1 year old to gifts that include the best baby teethers.

One idea we love is a Moses basket gift set. In addition to giving the gift of a sturdy basket that can be used for newborn babies to sleep in and older children to play with, the basket often contains useful items such as blankets, clothing, muslin cloths, and sleep accessories. The Clair De Lune Marshmallow Gift Set is a brilliant option, available in a choice of colours and including gifts ideal for those aged up to 12 months.

Gift hampers can also come in many other forms and styles. As such, we include boxed gift sets within this category as they still include a variety of products in a way that is presented beautifully. An example of this is the Little Linen Boxed Gift Set-Ballerina Bunny. This set comes in a few different colour ways and is ideal for younger children. The set includes an adorable soft toy, super soft blanket, cotton muslin and towelling washer to provide newborns and young babies with complete comfort. Another gifting hamper idea is the Clair De Lune Dimple Gift Bag. This gift includes a blanket, changing mat, wash mitt and hooded towel, all made from high-quality fabric. These are ideal for newborns as children this age don’t tend to want much. This means giving a gift that a parent can use to make the care experience more enjoyable, which is a lovely idea.

For newborns, we also recommend gift hampers that include well-being products such as bathing products. Parents will also need lots of the basics to begin with. Any gifts that include duplicates of items such as sleep suits, socks, blankets and muslin is a great idea. Also, it’s a nice idea to consider what phases a newborn will go through during the first few months of their life to ensure parents are equipped with items when the time arrives. This includes teething toys, high chair products and weaning accessories. 

When looking for additional gift hamper ideas for birthdays, it’s always important to consider the new age of the child. Children grow up fast, plus every experience is an opportunity to learn and develop. Toys with educational benefits are therefore a great solution to choose. Also, for both newborns’ and other children’s birthdays, we think a gift hamper should include sentimental items. This shows a parent that you genuinely care plus gives them a special memento that can be kept. That way they will always remember the gift you have given plus the child can then be told stories about it when they get older.

Why Choose Kiddies Kingdom For Gift Hampers?

After reading this article, we hope you are feeling empowered to choose the best gift hamper for the special recipient.

When you choose any products from Kiddies Kingdom, you can rest assured in knowing that they are the best quality. When you choose one of our complete Moses gift hampers or a smaller set, we know that parents and children alike will adore the special item. 

Explore our website now and be sure to contact us if you have any questions. 


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