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Happy Children’s Day – Bangladesh


National Children’s Day is celebrated in Bangladesh today, a day of great festivities as the 17th March also marks the birthday of BangaBandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who is regarded as the Nation’s founding father.

Celebrations are organised in the form of parades and rallies in which children take part and dress in colourful clothing, with events organised throughout this special day celebrating the history of Bangladesh, as well as the importance of its children and the role they play in the nation’s future.

The life of BangaBandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is celebrated for his contribution whilst President of Bangladesh, as well as having also led a newly independent Bangladesh as its First Prime Minister following its liberation. With festivities taking place across the nation, emphasis is placed on the importance of Bangladesh’s independence, ensuring the country’s children and other citizens understand and remember its authentic history.

Events also take place in Bangladesh to celebrate Universal Children’s Day on 20th November each year.

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