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Documenting your Baby’s First Year

Children grow so quickly; in their earliest years you’ll often feel like you blink, and they’ve reached another milestone. It is important to document your baby’s journey; particularly throughout their first year as they grow so much in that time. There are so many fleeting moments throughout that initial year but luckily there are so many ways to capture them and keep them for years to come. We are incredibly lucky that we have so many ways to document our Baby Milestones; finding a way to physically document this journey is important as it gives us something to look back on rather than a collection of photos’ forgotten about. There are plenty of ways to document your baby’s first year so that you don’t end up forgetting about important pictures and videos.

Baby photo album

Baby Book or Journal

Baby journals are a great way to keep pictures and make notes about important milestones, record special dates and then have something to look back on which details your baby’s first year. There are many baby journals available which have space for a variety of different things. You can put pictures in them and record all your baby’s ‘firsts’ such as first words and first steps; then you have everything in one handy keepsake which you can pass down. It will be special for you and your children to look back on as they get older.

Monthly Photos

Monthly photos are an incredibly popular way to document your baby’s first year and to see how fast they are growing. The idea is to take a similar photo every month to track your babies progress; then at the end of the year you can look back and see how far they have come. You can get a range of cute cards which show how many month’s old you baby is so that you can clearly track their progress.

Keepsake Frames and Scrapbooks

It is common to have a plethora of images of your newborn; of course, you want to capture every moment and every cute thing they do. Having a scrapbook or album is a great way to keep these pictures safe and in one place so that you can look back on them over the years and appreciate your baby’s early years. Keepsake frames are another great way to showcase your favourite images; you can place them in your home so you can always see them or give them to relatives to put their home as well.


Home videos are a great way to document your baby’s journey; they allow you to capture so much and relive the memories when you play them back. You can of course keep video for years to come so it is a great keepsake in itself; but there are other ways to document videos to show your baby’s first year. You could create a first-year montage to look back on and see how far your baby has come in this time; it will be a great way to track progress and look back on memories.

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