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How to Get Your Toddler to Sleep in Longer in The Morning

We’ve all been there, that familiar 5am squawk from your toddler’s bedroom signifying that they are up, bright eyed and bushy-tailed, whilst you are still 7 cups of coffee away from fully functioning. Now, whilst we can’t promise miracles, here are some tips that may help keep them in bed for just a little bit longer:

Training Clock

Now, we realise that throwing money at the situation often ends in a smaller bank balance and even more stressed out parents. BUT, training clocks, such as the Gro Clock, really are a miraculous piece of toddler equipment. As well as helping to teach your youngster the time, the clock face changes from stars (signifying bedtime) to a smiling sun (telling your child it is ok to get up), on a pre-setting of your choice. Children may take a while to get the hang of it, but once it sinks in, you’ll never look back.

Blackout Blind

The morning sun can play a huge role in your toddlers early rising. Especially problematic in the summer, when the sun seems to never disappear, sun streaming through their bedroom window can not only wake them out of their slumber but also make them believe it is later that it actually is. Blackout blinds help keep the rays at bay, ensuring your little one stays sound asleep.

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Adjust Naps

Early morning antics may simply be the symptom of too much sleep (though as an adult, the idea that one can have too much sleep is mind-blowing!). As painful as it may be to hear, you might want to consider dropping a nap, or moving naps earlier in the day. You could also look at putting your youngster down a little later for their night-time sleep to see if that helps.


If your child is waking up starving hungry, then their rumbling tummy might be the cause of their early mornings. Try giving them more milk or a healthy snack just before they go to bed, that may keep the wolf from the door for a little bit longer, giving you a bit of a lie-in. Browse our range of baby weaning sets here at Kiddies Kingdom.

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